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New to Prosper ISD Student Registration

Enrolling for the 2017-2018 School Year

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"Fly By" Registration

**Important Time Saving Information**

To make registration easier for our new parents we will continue to use our "Fly By" registration process. This process, if completed successfully, will allow our new parents to avoid having to go to the campus to complete their registration.

To participate in our "Fly By" pilot you will need to upload all required documents into the online registration form BEFORE you submit your child's information. Please note: Once you submit the registration form you will NOT be able to log back in to upload the documents. Therefore, all required documents must be uploaded prior to clicking on Submit.

In the event you are unable to complete the online registration form or have not received an email stating that you are qualified for “Fly-By” status, you will need to contact your campus registrar. If you are unable to submit all required registration documentation in the online registration system (Infosnap), you will be able to go directly to the campus to complete the registration process. Please contact the campus registrar to make an appointment.

·     Baker Elementary: Lauri Tayce (469-219-2120) -

Cockrell Elementary: Karrie Francis (469-219-2130) -

Folsom Elementary: Pat Trevino (469-219-2110) -

Hughes Elementary: Julie Massey (469-219-2230)-

Light Farms Elementary: Kimberly MacDonagh (469-219-2140) -

Rucker Elementary: Rena Sawyers (469-219-2100) -

Windsong Ranch Elementary: Leslie Ange (469-219-2220) -

Rogers Middle School: Cathy Swain (469-219-2150) -

Reynolds Middle School: Rebecca Delgado (469-219-2165)-

Prosper High School: Janet Schupp (469-219-2180) -

Prosper High School: Shelby Turner (469-219-2180) -


InfoSnap Instructions

**This video will walk you through the registration process in InfoSnap.**

Required Documentation

  1. Proof of Residency: this must be a current electric bill or water bill stating your name and the physical address of the home (we cannot accept P.O. Boxes). Residency must be established prior to registration.

    If you are moving into Prosper ISD you may not have the required proof of residency, an electric or water bill, to complete the enrollment process. If you do not have a current electric or water bill you may establish residency by using your closing documents from your new home or a signed lease agreement showing current dates. For questions regarding this information please contact either Carol Faulkner at 469-219-2017 or by email at, Rhonda McAdams at 469-219-2018 or by email at, or Laura McGlaun at 469-219-2012 or by email at

    If you are:

    Purchasing or Building a new home: Due to our tremendous growth, you must be living in your new home before you may enroll your child in Prosper ISD. Once you have the signed closing document or utility bill (electric / water) in your name you may begin the process of enrollment.

    Leasing a home or apartment: Please bring a copy of a lease agreement or contract showing the physical address of the home and the beginning and end date of the lease / contract if you have not moved into this location yet.

    NOTE: If you are living with a current Prosper resident, you and the person you are living with will need to complete a Residency Affidavit. Residency Affidavits may be completed at your child(ren)'s campus (please note: your child will attend the campus that the residency is zone for).

    • Prosper Residents will need to bring:
      • Copy of a current utility bill (electric or water) stating their name and the physical address of the home - The utility bill must be in the name of the person who comes with you to sign the affidavit.
      • Driver’s License
    • Parent/Guardian will need to bring:
      • Driver’s License

    PLEASE NOTE: If any of the above residency scenarios apply to your family the information above MUST be provided by the parent/guardian for review for approval prior to the beginning of the school year.

  2. Student’s Social Security Card
  3. Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  4. Copy of the student’s last report card or a copy of the student’s high school transcript.
    NOTE: If the student has taken any high school courses for credit a transcript showing credit is required to make an appointment with a high school guidance Counselor.
  5. Withdrawal papers from the student’s previous school
    NOTE: If the student completed the year at their previous school – it is not necessary to bring these.
  6. Current Immunization Records
    NOTE: Immunizations must be approved by a campus nurse to ensure compliance with the state of Texas requirements.
  7. Copy of Parent’s Drivers License