• Here at Rogers we use GAFE, Google Apps for Education. With GAFE, PISD was able to create a secure login for our students to use Google Drive. With this login, we are able to monitor everything that students do in their Google Drive account. Students are able to create Docs, Sheets, Slides, and many more technology creations and save all of their work to the cloud. Students can also share their work with teachers and classmates. Teachers use Google Classroom to assign work digitally and students use Google Classroom to turn work in digitally. Google Classroom is a learning management system that helps students with organization of their digital work. Students can access their PISD GAFE accounts, including Google Classroom, at school or at home. At Rogers we also have a program called GoGuardian that allows teachers to monitor all content on students' Google Drives and allows to teachers to see what students are doing on their devices in real time. All of these efforts are to keep our students safe when using online content. 
    Check out the video below for an explanation of Google Apps for Education.