Eagle Time

    1.       Tutoring = Teachers are available to provide assistance in classrooms.  Some teachers may have closed sessions to target specific weaknesses.
    2.      PLC = Teacher meetings for that department
    3.       Duty = Some of the teachers in this department may have a duty. Those who don’t have duty will be available for tutorials or hosting club/organization meetings.
    4.      Eagle Priority = This is tutorials. The priority component means that if a student is required to attend tutorials in two or more subjects, the Eagle Priority subject is the tutorial that the student will attend.
    5.      During Eagle Time, students may go to the library for study hall, the cafeteria for teamwork time or stay in the hallways between the “elbows” for downtime.
    6.        Students averaging below an 80 in a class may be required to attend tutorials in that class until the grade is above an 80.
    7.       Students with an internship, athletics, Off-Campus PE or Senior Release during 5th period who do not need to attend nor have to attend tutorials during Eagle Time may leave at the end of Eagle Nation News.
    8.      Traditional Eagle Time will be “canceled” after pep rallies or other school-wide break functions that take time away from another period.  During Eagle Time, students will be required to attend that class to make up the instruction time missed.

Eagle Time Schedule

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