• 2021-2022 PISD Summer Reading Information


    New to Prosper and not able to complete this before school starts? Don’t worry! 

    Your teacher will be ready to support you when you arrive at school!



    PISD continues to refine the design of summer reading so that as students read throughout the summer break, they are both able to explore reading through choice and through exposure to thought-provoking literature.



    • Students are asked to read over the summer.  To help with this, suggested reading lists are provided for high school.  These are, however, suggestions and students should feel the freedom to self-select texts.  During the first few weeks of school, discussions, writing assignments, and further reading assignments will be based on summer reading.  Teachers will be prepared with alternate assignments and texts to support students who are new to the district.
    • Suggested reading lists are based on your student’s 2021-2022 English class as well as lists provided by the American Library Association. More information is available below via the links: 

    Students will continue to have access to Overdrive (Sora), Prosper ISD’s Digital Reading Platform, through the Portal over the summer as an option for additional reading material.