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  • Law Enforcement Students Support Veteran Graduations

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/18/2018

    Students with Veteran judge The PHS Law Enforcement Practicum students were invited by Justice Rita Noel as special guests at the Grayson County Courthouse for the Veteran's Court Graduation ceremony. This is a new program that's been implemented in North Texas, and only a few of its kind exist in the nation.

    The program is designed for veterans facing a wide range of criminal offenses. In order to qualify, the veterans must have been generally or honorably discharged from the military. Additionally, there must be documentation of a mental illness tied to the nature of the crime. Crimes such as aggravated assault and sex crime are not eligible for the program. Upon entering the program, coordinators work with the veterans to create a detailed plan for treatment that they must follow exactly. At the end of the program, if successful, the veteran “graduates” from Veteran Court and his/her charges are expunged.Students with Judge Noel

    Marine Veteran Judge John Roach of the Collin County Courthouse is the sitting Judge on the Veteran's Court. The students were able to observe the ceremony from the jury box and were recognized as special guests by the court. After the ceremony was over, students met with graduates of the court, the founding members of the Veteran's Court, and Judge Roach.

    Because of this experience and the interactions they were able to have, Judge Roach has invited the practicum students to intern in his courtroom during the spring semester.

    Students observing in court

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  • Making Holidays Merrier at Cockrell Elementary

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/18/2018

    students with gifts Whether singing Jingle Bells, looking at Christmas lights or baking lots of sugary More students with gifts goodness for family and friends, the holidays often brings a sense of warmth and happiness. For some, though, the holidays can be a very difficult time especially during a time replete with materialistic exchanges.

    At Cockrell Elementary, the 4th grade team made it their mission and service to bring happiness to some who would normally have to do without gifts this Christmas.  Adopting a family of five and two Senior Citizens, the students and teachers donated gifts for all of their adoptees. The group had the best time wrapping each of the donated items in preparation for their Christmas delivery! students  posing in group

    During a time in which we are often focused on “what we are getting for Christmas,” these students demonstrated that the greatest gifts in life are those in which you give away!

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  • Prosper ISD Receives Bragging Rights

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/10/2018 12:00:00 PM

    Twelve Texas school districts receive recognition for innovative programs

    AUSTIN, TEXAS (Dec. 7, 2018) —Twelve Texas school districts have been recognized for their outstanding programs with the release of Texas School Business magazine’s 12th Annual Bragging Rights 2018-2019 special issue. Bragging Rights, which calls for nominations and is published every December, recognizes school districts that have implemented programs that are bettering the lives of students, schools and communities.

     This year’s 12 honored districts and their brag-worthy programs include:Signs with all school highlighted in article

    • Bastrop ISD, Christian’s Closet
    • Brenham ISD, Champion Drive
    • Burleson ISD, Student Spaceflight Experiments Program
    • Dripping Springs ISD, Real Estate Course
    • Galveston ISD, Ball 4 All
    • Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Student Voice Initiative
    • Hillsboro ISD, Military Wall of Honor
    • Laredo ISD, STEM Curriculum
    • Northside ISD, Project ACORN
    • Prosper ISD, RISE Program
    • Spring Hill ISD, SRO Student Leadership Program
    • Tyler ISD, Students Who Advocate Technology

     “Nominations for school district programs across Texas poured in this year, and each one deserves to be recognized,” says Texas School Business Editorial Director Dacia Rivers. “We hope that the 12 districts we chose inspire others to follow in their footsteps. The mission of Texas School Business is to share the good news happening in Texas public schools, and there’s never a shortage of news-worthy school programs for us to cover.”

    For 44 years, Texas School Business has served as the news magazine for public education in Texas. Since 2014, it has been produced by the Texas Association of School Administrators (www.tasanet.org). To read the 12th Annual Bragging Rights issue online, visit www.texasschoolbusiness.com.

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  • PISD GT Students Receive Instruction from City Officials

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/10/2018 11:00:00 AM

    City planners talking to students The elementary Gifted and Talented department had special guests recently when the Town of Prosper officials came to share their time and talents with PISD 3rd Grade GT students. Their presentation on city planning gave the students a much deeper understanding of their current project. The Town of Prosper staff provided an engaging hands on activity that helped the 3rd grade students put their knowledge into practice. The students are working on a performance task where they are developing a sustainable city on a habitable exoplanet. The city planners gave the students insight on what they might need to include in their city for sustainability.Female Student looking at map


    A special thank you to the Town of Prosper staff who participated in the event:


    John Webb, Director of Development Services

    Robyn Battle, Town Secretary

    Alex Glushko, Planning Manager

    Scott Ingalls, Senior PlannerStudents pointing at map

    Pamela Clark, Planning/GIS Specialist

    Evelyn Mendez, Planning Technician

    Dan Heischman, Senior Engineer

    Emily Busby, Engineer

    Paul Naughton, Landscape Architect

    Students working with map

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  • TAFE Explores Educational Pathways

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/10/2018 11:00:00 AM

    PHS Ready, Set, Teach and Human Growth and Development students competed in multiple events as well as volunteered their time at the Region X North Texas Association of Future Educators event last Saturday in Richardson. The following students will be advancing to TAFE State in February/March.

    Job InterviewStudents assembled at TAFE competition

    1st: Brooke Blackstock

    2nd: Julia Helmi


    Lesson Plan: Humanities

    1st: Molly Ring

    2nd: Tabbi Scoggins


    Inside Our Schools (Team Event)

    2nd: Hope Rasberry

    2nd: Hailie TackmanStudents posing at competition Students at competition


    Educators Rising Moment

    2nd Emma Andersen


    Impromptu Speaking

    1st: Tyler Thomas


    Additionally, the Ready, Set, Teach students are working alongside current PISD teachers as they explore the education career path.

    TAFE student with Science class Students such as PHS senior, Marie Rodriguez, are working hand in hand with PISD teachers learning the ins and out of the educational field. Marie is conducting a science investigation station in Ms. Howeth's 3rd grade classroom at Light Farms Elementary.Student Directing Band

    PHS Senior, Emma Andersen, had the opportunity to conduct her internship students at the Reynolds' Band Concert on Tuesday, December 4th.

    Through the internship program offered through Ready, Set, Teach, students are afforded the opportunity to explore the educational pathway to determine if it is their chosen lifepath and, if so, at what grade level they would be most productive. Meanwhile, PISD students benefit from the insight and assistance these talented students offer in the classroom.

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  • PISD Clinic Helpers Receive Real World Experience

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/10/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Students all in surgery gear The Health Science Theory students were invited to participate in rotations at MedPost in McKinney by Sean Barron, Clinic Manager.  Barron offered to have them come to his clinic to learn hands-on skills specific to an urgent care clinic to include vital signs, urine analysis, strep tests, providing oxygen to patients, splinting, occupational testing, X-ray imaging, personal protective equipment procedures, and basic patient care skills.  

    The health science program is one of the larger CTE programs at Prosper ISD.  The program provides students the opportunity to earn hands on experience while receiving certifications in Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmaceutical Tech, and/or Emergency Medical Technician. Program entry is limited due to the limited availability of cohort clinic and hospitals available to provide internship and learning opportunities to students.

    Mr. Barron, a PISD parent and community supporter, reached out to the school to offer this opportunity to Prosper students. This was an exciting opportunity for the students to practice skills in a real clinical setting in addition to the observing opportunities they have in other facilities.

    Student looking in patient's mouth Students working with oxygen

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  • Pixar "Hangs Out" with PISD Students

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/4/2018

    Who doesn’t love a good Pixar movie. They bring the smiles to so many, but PISD students got an inside view on how the smiles are created by Pixar.

    Mrs. Becky Covington from Rogers Middle School and Mr. Don Crum, an animator at Pixar, went to high school together back in Michigan and have stayed in touch over the years. Ms. Covington wanted to show students how Math is used everyday in all types of jobs so she arranged a “hangout” with Mr. Crum.

    Mr. Crum connected via the virtual Google Hangout and took time to show students how Math is used in animation, specifically referring to percents and fractions. For example, he shared with students how each second of an animated movie has 24 separate images. In the 1990s and before, all images were hand drawn. Now, most images are computer generated.

    students watching google hangout in desks Mr. Crum shared an awesome resource the students can access called Pixar in a Box. Pixar in a Box is a Khan Academy course that shows how Math is directly related to animation and allows students to practice their animation skills.

    Students also got to see a video that gave a quick tour of Pixar including the different themed work pods. One was a jungle themed for example. Students watched videos showing how animators use Math to make the animations look more realistic. They use concepts like Bexier Curves to help animated objects move like real objects.

    After his demonstration, students were able to ask him some questions. Mr. Crum shared that his first ever film to help animate was "Mulan" and is currently working on "Toy Story 4", but has also helped with "The Incredibles 2", "Coco", "Brother Bear" and more.

    Mr. Crum has been animating films for about 20 years and mentioned that ONE animated film takes about 5 YEARS to make! Ms. Covington and Mr. Crum worked collaboratively to show students how the Math concepts 6th grade students are learning today can be applied to jobs in the future. Mr. Crum explained the education path necessary to becoming an animator and some of the skills he uses on a daily basis. He indicated that while drawing is an important skill, as many as 90 animators can work on film so teamwork and collaboration is a must!

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  • Folsom Wins Stuff the Bus

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/4/2018

    November is the month in which the US celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving. During this time, families stop to give thanks and remember all of the sacrifices that have been made to provide us with everything that we are so fortunate to have in our country, homes, schools and lives. November is also the time in Holding up trophy which PISD and schools around the state participate in the Stuff the Bus event to raise supplies for those in need.  

    This year, every campus was assigned to “raise” certain types of items through donations. At the end of the month, we Stuffed the Bus and Folsom Elementary came away as the district victor in the Stuff the Bus campus competition.

    This year, Principal Cockrell had a contest for each grade level to see who could bring in the most donations.  Every morning on our announcements, we would announce each class that was in the lead. This really brought out the students’ competitive spirits. The campus also involved the Student Council by having them make posters to bring awareness to Stuff the Bus.  The campus had a great turnout with lots of donations including several families who donated several boxes of diapers. Together the campus raised and donated over 300 items.

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  • Spoons for Learning

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/4/2018

    In Ms. Bish’s 8th grade English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) class at Rogers Middle school, students are gamifying the learning of Greek and Latin prefixes.  Rather than reviewing flash cards or other common review activities, in Ms. Bish’s class they are playing the competitive card game of Spoons to review.

    Students playing spoons The goal in this ELAR version of Spoons is for the students to find two matches (prefix to meaning and/or new word to definition) using their knowledge of the roots they have learned up to this point in the year.  Once a student has collected two pairs, they reach for a spoon. The last person in the group will be left without a spoon and will therefore earn a letter (similar to pig or horse).

    The game provides a quick hands on learning opportunity that allows for 100% student engagement.  The students are very competitive, focused and are constantly using their recall skills to remember the meanings and application skills of identifying the new words based on the root.  

    With the list of 50 Greek and Latin root words that were introduced to the students this year in 8th grade, the goal is to use the engaged and competitive activity as a means of exposing them to the words and meanings in a variety of ways will help their retention.

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  • Prosper Theatre Qualifies to Nationals

    Posted by PISD Communications on 11/27/2018

    The Gaylord Texan had more than Ice to brag about during the Thanksgiving break. The Texas Chapter of the Educational Theatre Association (TETA), the largest chapter in the nation, held their annual Texas Thespians state convention/competition there from November 15-17 for both high school students and a Jr. Thespian Festival for middle school students. Prosper’s Rogers, Reynolds, and PHS troupes were in attendance to learn and compete.

    This convention boasted more than 8300 students and directors in attendance.  Attendees got to experience more than 150 workshops taught by theatre professionals, performances from schools across the state and competitions where more than 3000 students competed. Some of those competitions are national qualifying events.

    High School Theater National Qualifiers To qualify for nationals, students must receive a superior rank from the 3 judges.  Students who received a perfect score in their event also received recognition as a State Main Stage Participant.  Superior rankings are difficult to obtain because there is very little room for error. Every moment of their performance must be rated with the rubric and culminate with a superior score.  Very few students receive this ranking.

    This year PHS qualified nine students to nationals, Jennifer Siera, Abigail Marlin, Eileah Hale, Jordan Harris, Tori England, Sarah Hazlett, Olivia Lewis, Caitlyn Marquez and Allison Washburn,  and one of those, Abigail Marlin received State Main Stage recognition. In addition to these accolades, PHS Senior Allison Washburn was selected to perform in the All State Production performing with a broadway star in front of all 8300 attendees.  Only 18 students from across the state were chosen for this honor. Two PHS students auditioned for colleges and received more than 25 callbacks to continue their journey towards college performance and scholarships.

    In the Middle School competition, Rogers Theatre had three national Qualifiers. Emma Alexander is a national qualifier for Solo Musical. Rees Kline is a national qualifier for Monologue. Carrigan Ring is a national qualifier for costume construction. This great honor was only awarded to 29 students in all of the different categories out of over 1,000 middle school competitors.

    These students will compete at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska in June where they will compete against students from all of country as well as a few from other countries.  At this festival, there are more than 200 workshops with professionals from all over the world teaching as well as productions from across the United States performing. For the Seniors, Nationals will culminate with college auditions and scholarship opportunities.  

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