7th/8th GT English Language Arts and Reading

  • Welcome to the GT Information Page!

    7th Grade: Here's a letter home to parents explaining all the challenges that lay ahead.

    8th Grade: Here's a letter home to parents that looks rather like the seventh but has a few key differences. (Both the virtual and physical sections are covered therein.)

    Generally - unless otherwise noted - both GT sections will be covering similar content at a similar pace. Since no two GT sections are alike, though, I expect that we'll be heading in different directions fairly regularly, and will re-converge in due time.


  • Some Handy Links for Student Use

    Wolfram Alpha - Behold the power of a computational search engine!

    Quora - You name it, someone's asked about it.

    Khan Academy - Student, educate thyself!

    Hemingway App - Need someone to glance over your paper? It's not perfect, but it'll give you things to think about.

    Google Classroom Code: