• New Members or former members who wish to re-apply after dropping out will need to complete the following application process.   This application will only need to be completed one time during active membership.  If an accepted member drops out for any reason or becomes ineligible to remain a member the entire application process will need to be repeated.  

    Interested parties may start compiling the necessary application items now. 

    After the 9 week grading cycle closes you may submit your completed application. Do not submit incomplete applications as they will not be reviewed.  All items should be placed in a manilla envelope with your name and contact information on the outside. Place letters in Mrs. Mock's staff mail box or drop them on her desk in room 1037.

    ____-invitation to apply to NAHS signed by your art teacher

    ____-Earn two hours of community service before submitting your application

    ____-Submit two non art Character references-this should be a person who can attest to your character dated within 30 days of your application due date.

    ____-300 words or less Statement: How is art important to you? (typed)

    ____-500 words or less Statement: Why do you want to be in NAHS? What would make you a valued member of the organization?  (typed)

    ____-Report card showing proof of grades 

    ----Art grade should be 90 or greater unless it is AP Art which should be 85 or greater

    ----Any Non art classes must be 75 or greater

    ----membership dues will need to be paid after you recieve your acceptance letter-they should not be included in the application.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.