Computer Science

STEAM at Cockrell Elementary School

  • Coding: Introducing Kids to Computer Science

    Today kids can learn the basics of coding in elementary school thanks to the development of software and websites that have created easy to learn coding tools. These apps and websites teach kids how to learn coding step by step leading the kids towards the creation of a game, programming a robot, or creating an animated story. At Cockrell Elementary School we're using our Friday Genius hour to introduce and teach kids about computer coding. 


    Tools: The Hammer and Nails of Coding

    We offer different tools for the kids to use in the process of learning coding and practicing with robots. The apps and websites were created for kids of all age and skill levels. Anyone can code and the tools are geared specifically for elementary aged kids. 


    codeorglogo is by far the most comprehensive website for introducing coding to kids. They offer a multitude of lessons and free coding puzzles at no cost to parents. Teachers are able to set up courses or kids may choose any number of activities to explore. Kids can use this site from home by visiting The activities are arranged by age and skill level. 


    Scratch  Scratch was developed and is hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to teach kids about coding through the creation of either simple or complex animation story lines. There is no limit to what the kids may create using this website. Visit Scratch and test your ability to create interesting and fun animated stories and games. 


     dashdot  Wonder Workshop has created Dash and Dot robots that allow the kids to program the robots to perform functions through the Wonder Workshop apps on the iPads. The kids learn and use block coding to make the robots respond to their coding commands and routines.


     See what Cockrell Students are doing with STEAM 


     Kinder learning about robots - Take a look at kinder kids using iPads to control Wonder Workshop robot dash and Ozobots. 


    Genius Hour of Code - Here's a video slide show of some of the Hour of Code activities on December 9th.