• Info Night PowerPoint
    Daily Schedule:
    7:45 -- 9:45am ELAR
    9:45 -- 10:15am Tier Time
    10:15 -- 10:45am  Lunch
    10:45 -- 11:15am  Recess
    11:15am -- 12:45pm  Math
    12:50pm -- 1:45pm  Specials/Teacher Planning
    1:45pm -- 2:50pm  Social Studies/Science
    2:50pm     Dismissal
    Library will be on (      )!
    As a class, we will take reading adventures to our library! We will learn so much from our wonderful librarian. Students will have the opportunity to check out a book from our school library and take it home. Please make sure your child brings his/her library book to and from school each day. We will have opportunities to read our library books during class time. Each (     ), students will return his/her library book for a new library book to check out! If your child forgets his/her library book to be returned on (     ), he/she will keep his/her current checked out book for another week. As our next library session arrives (       ), your child will then be able to return his/her book, and select a new book to check out.  Please help your child keep water and food items away from his/her library book in his/her backpack. Please look for a letter to be sent home discussing what happens if your child's book goes missing or is damaged.