AP Art History is an elective open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  It is a challenging, college-level course going beyond the art history curriculum taught in typical social studies and studio art courses. Students will acquire the tools to help enable them to be conversant about any piece of art they encounter for the rest of their life.  In doing so, students will learn how to approach a work of art, the vocabulary and analytical methods with which to discuss it, and the knowledge of how it fits into the general sweep of art historical periods and styles.  Students will also work toward achieving an understanding of the interconnectedness of art with other aspects of world culture.  By giving "voice" to works by lesser-known artists and from unfamiliar cultures, we will aim to develop as broad as possible a perspective about and appreciation of art which spans the globe.  Students will also receive the preparation needed to enable them to score well on the AP exam, and earning credit at most colleges and universities in the United States.

    Course Credit: 1

    Prerequisite: None

    Grade Level: 10, 11 & 12

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