Second Grade News
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    Dec. 13- Good Morning Boyer, 8am
    Dec. 20- Wnter Parties, 9:30am
    Early Release 11:45
    Dec. 23- Jan. 3- Winter Break
    Jan. 6- No School/ Staff Development
    Jan. 7- First Day of 2nd Semester




  • Sight Words

    help, much, right, have, from

    • Students will publish a research plan.

    • Students will learn about Fairytales. 

    • Students will recognize and represent fractional units and communicate how they are used to name parts of a whole.
    • Students engage in a collection of concrete experiences in real-life settings involving fractional parts of a whole and fractional parts beyond a whole.
    • Students engage in activities to teach them about Earth’s resources such as water and rocks, and will distinguish these from man-made resources. Rocks will be observed, described, and compared according to physical attributes.
    • Students will also focuses on the difference in freshwater and saltwater, and compares physical properties of each.
    • Students will consider how using, conserving, and recycling materials impacts the availability of resources and the environment.
Social Studies
    • Students will learn use maps and globes as tools to identify and locate places in the state and nation. 

    • They will create maps within the community.

    • Students will identify major landforms and bodies of water and how humans use and modify their environment.

    • Students will learn how the physical environment changes.

    • Students will identify how human modifications of land have consequences and how natural disasters affect the environment.