Architecture 1/2

  • Architectural Design 1

    Teacher:  Don Berliner Contact:

    469-219-2180 ext. 80206 Room 1050 Periods 1,3,4


    • Unit 1:  Jobs in the Architecture Field
    • Unit 2:  History and Culture in Architecture
    • Unit 3:  Industry Standard Skills and Software
    • Unit 4:  Site Planning
    • Unit 5:  Green Architecture
    • Unit 6:  Planning Stage
    • Unit 7:  Build and Modeling
    • Unit 8:  Elevations and Fit and Finish

    Class Expectations:

    • Be on time.  You should be in the classroom when the bell rings.
    • Be prepared with all supplies every day.
    • Stay on task.  Follow directions the first time.
    • Be respectful of students, teachers, supplies, and equipment.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer lab.
    • NO chewing GUM.

    Grading: Formative (minor or daily): 40%   Projects (major): 60%

    Late and Make Up Work: Late work/makeup work will be accepted in accordance with school policy.  

    Tutoring:  FIRST use Eagle time if possible.  If not you must schedule by email for either of the following:

    • Before School 7:45-8:15 am After School until 4:15 pm  

    Computer Use:

    These activities are NOT allowed in the lab:

    • Printing without permission Internet games flash drives without approval
    • e-mail, chat rooms, and instant messaging Sharing files without permission

    Required supplies:


    Recommended supplies:

    Good ruler (metal) with both standard and metric measurements

    Colored pencils