Principles of Human Services

  • This course provides students with the opportunity to investigate careers in the human services career cluster, including counseling and mental health, early childhood development and family and community. Students will gain specific knowledge and skills about human services which will enhance personal and career effectiveness.

    The activities, daily work, and learning follows a discovery and student-centered learning model. This course gives students a real world understanding of human needs and services

    Students will be expected to think critically across subjects, and use knowledge from different academic areas such as language arts and technology and mathematics.

    Units of Study

    Intro to Human Services

    Needs/Wants and Decision Making


    Career Success

    What Children Need

    Consumerism and Money Management

    Families Roles & Responsibilities

    Families in Crisis (Mental Health)

    Nutrition & Wellness

    Fashion Present & Future

    Interior Design: Creating a Comfortable Place