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    Automotive Technology I
    Automotive Technology II
    Practicum in Veterinary Medicine
    Audio Video Production I
    Audio Video Production II
    Broadcast News Team I and II
    Practicum in Audio Video Production
    Business Internship (Practicum in Business Management)
    Culinary Arts
    Advanced Culinary Arts/Practicum in Culinary Arts
    Advanced Marketing (School Store)
    Yearbook (Advanced Journalism I-III)
    Newspaper (Advanced Journalism I-III)
    Career Prep I and II
    Ready, Set, Teach I and II
    Pharmacy Technician
    Practicum in Fashion Design
    Practicum in Horticulture/Floral
    Agriculture Structures, Design and Fabrication
    Practicum in Ag Mechanics
    Health Science Theory and Clinical (CNA Dual Credit)

    Those interested in the Independent Study program should register here:  Prosper Career Independent Study

    Those interested in the EMT program should register here:  EMT Applications 2019-2020

    Those interested in participating in Partners PE should register here: Partners PE Applications 2019-2020

    Those interested in registering for Student Leadership class should click here: Student Leadership Class Form

Last Modified on February 4, 2019