Visual Arts at Reynolds Middle School

  • Reynolds Middle School visual arts is offered for grades 6-8, one semester each year. We explore a variety of media including pastels, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, ink, and ceramics!  Skills are built from 6th grade art to art 1 and from art 1 to art 2. Art is cross-curricular, utilizing math, reading, writing, and history.  

    Art contests throughout the year are an option for students.  Jr. Vase, art UIL, is in April  (we are not sure about this school year).  Please see Mrs. Oldham for more information. 


    All students will use their imagination, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills. 


    In 6th grade art, students will-

    -understand and apply the elements and principles of art

    -begin to analyze and discuss artwork, including historical and cultural relevance

    -produce a variety of artwork (in process or completion) using a variety of materials

    -develop a portfolio

    -self-assess artwork

    -display artwork


    In Art 1, students will-

    -compare/contrast the elements and principles of art

    -create original artwork based on a theme or symbol

    -apply design and technical processes to create artwork

    -analyzes historical and cultural relevance and develops an awareness for the traditions and cultures in regards to the arts

    -develop a progressive portfolio

    -assess artwork of self and others

    -display artwork


    In Art 2, students will-

    -evaluate the elements and principles of art

    -compare/contrast themes and symbols in artwork

    -create original artwork by solving problems, generating design solutions, and selecting appropriate materials

    -creating installation or collaborative artworks

    -analyzing art influences

    -critiquing artwork

    -develop a progressive portfolio

    -display artwork


    *Bringing art supplies is not necessary, unless the student would like to have their own.*

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    3rd: gaxdt7o
    4th: wodwdtm
    5th: nzbajbv
    6th: 2wz66sg
    8th: mo567zg