• Physics (on-level)
    Physics is a full-year course.  The course prepares students for success in future college physics courses by laying a strong foundation of understanding for the student.  Students who wish to continue into medical or pharm schools or other advanced programs, though not directly related to physics, are often "weeded out" by required college math and physics courses.  Our goal is to prepare students for success and forward advancement in these cases.
    • Students taking Physics will:

      • Learn the content of physics related to Newtonian Mechanics (motion, forces, energy, momentum), mechanical waves (such as sound) and light waves and optics, basic electricity and magnetism, and some topics in modern physics.
      • Engage in scientific inquiry and utilize scientific practices in and out of the laboratory setting.
      • Engage in high-level, critical thinking skills every single day.

      The goals for Physics are

      • The ability to process and apply Physics knowledge to authentic situations.
      • Practice College and Career Readiness Skills

      Success for students in Physics depends on the following practices:

      • Daily attendance and attentiveness (be in class in mind and body).
      • Daily practice and self-assessment outside of class (other people call this "homework").
      • Forming a study group of 3-4 people who take the same core classes, and using the study group as a strategic resource.
      • Asking for assistance as needed based on self-assessment (come for help as soon as you realize you need help). 

      Classroom Information

      Attached are the classroom documents (Syllabus, Safety Contract, Social Contract). I also have all of my notes as well as other important forms and documents located in the students google classroom. This can be viewed by logging in by using your child's prosper isd login information. Alternatively, Google Classroom allows me to send out summaries of the students progress throughout the year. 


      Social Contract

      Safety Contract