Second Grade News
  • Save the Date   

    Nov. 12th- 2nd Grade Veterans Day Program 6PM   
    Nov. 18th-22nd- Library Book Fair   

     Nov. 21st- Grandparents/Special Friends Day (Kinder, 2nd, and 4th)

    2nd Grade 11:30-12:15

    Nov. 25th- 29th- Thanksgiving Break 




  • Sight Words

    know, live, things, name, where

    • Students will continue to develop and follow a research plan.

    • Students will learn to describe and understand plot elements, including the main events, the conflict, and the resolution.

    • Students will continue to apply mathematical process standards to develop and use models, strategies, and methods for whole number computations in order to solve addition and subtraction problems with efficiency and accuracy within 1,000.  Students identify and apply number patterns within properties of numbers and operations in order to describe relationships.
    • Students will plan and conduct investigations to compare patterns of movement of different objects over time.
    • They will determine how different shapes of objects cause different types of motion. Asking testable questions, making predictions, collecting and recording data, and providing explanations through well-written conclusions will be the focus of investigations. 
    • Students will recognize that magnetism is a force that can be observed and is useful in our everyday lives. They will experiment with attraction and repulsion of a variety of magnets.
Social Studies
    • Students will continue to learn about the basic functions of government, how officials are selected, and how citizens can participate in their own governance.