Second Grade News
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    March 5th- Open House, 6-7:30 PM

    March 9th-13th- Spring Break

  • Sight Words

    almost, brother, before, inside, knew

    • Students will incorporate writing throughout the curriculum. 


    • Students will work on creating an animal research project.
    • Students will learn about a collection of coins up to $1
    • Students will identify the basic needs of plants and animals and observe how their physical characteristics and behaviors help them meet those basic needs. Through observation, recording of data, and comparison of one organism to another, students will learn how unique physical structures aid in survival. They will focus on the idea of thrive or perish, which revolves around their ability to meet their basic needs. A continuing theme of the unit is that organisms and their environments are interconnected and are affected by change.
Social Studies
    • Students will continue to identify the significance of celebrations, customs, and traditions.
    • Students will continue to compare cultural differences to find that culture is a strong part of people's lives. They will discuss the way culture influences the way people live, celebrate, work, and play.