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  • Prosper ISD Student Wins Journalist of the Year

    Posted by PISD Communications on 4/4/2022

    For the second consecutive year, Prosper ISD is proud to announce that the district is home to the Texas Student Journalist of the Year.  This year’s recipient is Prosper High School Senior Amanda Hare. 

    Amanda with parents and sponsorAmanda serves as the editor-in-chief for Eagle Nation Online (ENO). She has also been active in UIL journalism. Amanda has many accolades and accomplishments including:

    • Two time UIL State Headline Writing Champion Runner-Up
    • UIL Headline and Editorial Writing Regional Awards
    • 18 Best of School Newspapers Online (SNO) publications
    • 2021 National Scholastic Press Association Story of the Year Honorable Mention & Top 10 Best of Show podcast
    • Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE) Best of Texas: Excellent and Superior Story Portfolio, Superior News-Feature Story, Excellent Headline Writing, Excellent Entertainment Feature, Excellent Interview Podcast, Excellent In-Depth Package, Honorable Mention News Story, Honorable Mention Feature Story,
    • 2021 TAJE Student Advisory Council Member

    Amanda’s work will go on to represent the state of Texas to compete for the National Journalist of the year. 

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  • When Excellence Pays Off

    Posted by PISD Communications on 3/21/2022

    For some, the pursuit of excellence brings a lifetime of small victories. And for others, like Rock Hill High School Senior Dymond Mitchell, the pursuit of excellence brings about a monumental victory. She has been named a University of Mississippi Stamps Scholar, the University’s largest and most prestigious scholarship, offered to only 20 of the top incoming students. 

    While the cost of education continues to rise, students are working harder than ever to help themselves stand out when competing for admission and scholarships. While other universities recognized her level of excellence, the University of Mississippi put their proverbial money where their mouth was by offering Dymond the prestigious Stamps Scholarship. 

    Dymond was offered a scholarship package that will cover her entire cost of attendance (for out-of-state students that amount is $43,788 for the 2021-2022 academic year) each year for up to 4 years (8 semesters).  In addition to having all of her costs covered, Dymond will have a $12,000 enrichment fund that she can access during her 4 years at the University.  The enrichment funds can be used for things such as study abroad, undergraduate research, internships or just about anything Dymond chooses to do that will enrich her academic experience and assist her with her ultimate career goals.

    dymond and logosThe application process was a lengthy one. “It was a lot of writing and a lot of talking to put it shortly,” explained Dymond. “My first step was applying for their general scholarships by the priority deadline. I spent most of my Christmas break in a coffee shop writing four essays (500-700 words) and one personal statement. I then had to fill out a resume and retrieve two recommendation letters. A few months later, I received a call requesting an interview with the scholarship committee. After that zoom call interview, I was scheduled for another interview with the Stamps foundation.” That interview must have gone well because Dymond was contacted and invited to the Chancellor's Scholar Day where it was announced that she would be part of the 1% that receives the University’s largest scholarship.

    Dymond plans to major in Sociology (pre-med) with a minor in biology and chemistry. While studying sociology, her focus will be public health and global interaction. While not originally considering Ole’ Miss, “The school tour really won me over,” she said. “I loved the southern hospitality. I don’t really know how to describe this feeling other than “it felt like home.” I am really excited about the opportunities present at the school. One of my favorite things about the scholarship is that it pays for my semesters abroad. I am really looking forward to going to new countries and receiving a first hand account of how their medical systems function. I am also the high school President of Kids Prosper Kids and the university would like me to start a chapter there. I will be able to collaborate with both students and alumni as we work to finish building a trade school in Ghana.”


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  • Folsom Celebrates Its Community Culture

    Posted by PISD Communications on 2/17/2022

    student posing in pink dressIn one of the fastest growing communities in the state, getting to know your neighbor can also mean learning about a new culture. Many of our Prosper ISD elementary schools host Family Heritage or Cultural Nights to expose parents and students to the many cultures within their school. Folsom Elementary was the latest campus to host a Family Heritage Night in Prosper ISD.

    Folsom parent Abdullah AlmamunStudents posing in front of their table participated in the event and was pleased that it was “a fun and educational event. It was an amazing opportunity for kids and parents to know about each other's culture and history.” 

    Families hosted tables to share food, dress, information, and artifacts about their culture. Students participated in storytelling, a wax museum, individual cultural dance performances, and a 2nd grade music and dance performance.

    Student dressed in German attireThe event provided many new families with the opportunity to meet their neighbors and learn more about the various cultures within their community. “As new to PISD, new to Texas and even new to the country, we really enjoyed the welcoming vibes of the event,” shared Najia & Haroon Shuaib. “Our favorite part of the event was the kid's excited faces while watching their names being written in colorful Arabic script. These kinds of events can bring the community closer and provide a platform to understand each other better.”

    The event provided students with an opportunity to collaborate with their parents to learn more about their own family heritage. Folsom parent Silvana Smith shared that she and her daughter, Juliana “were both so excited about the idea and she embraced the role of being a child ambassador for Brazil right away. It made me so proud to see her wanting to learn more about my home country and being enthusiastic about sharing all the information she learned. She had fun dressing up as a soccer player, providing a snack (Brazil nut) and drink (Brazilian soda) samples. She also loved selecting online photos to go along with the fun facts that she posted in a trifold. She even created a list of common words in Portuguese in case people wanted to learn. The best part is that we had a blast putting it all together.”

    Upcoming Prosper ISD Family Heritage events include:Students posing at French table

    Boyer - 2/24/22

    Stuber - 2/24/22

    Johnson - 3/24/22

    Windsong - 3/31/22

    Hughes - 3/31/22

    Spradley - 4/11/22

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  • Drop A Mic

    Posted by PISD Communications on 2/13/2022 12:00:00 PM

    student reading at micOne of the greatest benefits of a quality education is the development of student creativity and independent voice. Students at Folsom Elementary demonstrated both at the campus' very first Open Mic Night at the end of the first semester. Students from Kindergarten to 5th grade were encouraged to submit an original piece ofStudent talking at mic writing that they were proud of and wanted to share. These students were invited to read their writing in the Folsom Library "Coffee House" in front of their families, peers, and teachers. This was an amazing event showcasing the incredible talent of many amazing Folsom students!

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  • Honoring Our Veterans Art Contest

    Posted by PISD Communications on 1/19/2022

    In the Gettysburg Address, Former President Abe Lincoln left us these memorable words about the sacrifice of our veterans.

    Contest poster - information is in the article“We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.” 

    Our veterans have dedicated their lives both in the service and out to the furtherance of this great nation.  The definition of honor is high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank.  What greater respect can there be, what higher worth or merit, than the willingness to lay down one’s life for another: a willingness to work for and die for those they know and love and those they have never met.  

    Prosper ISD has joined forces with the Prosper Rotary Club on the Prosper Veteran’s Memorial Art Contest to benefit the Prosper Veteran’s Memorial that will be located at the new Town of Prosper City Hall. The hope is that the Prosper Veteran’s Memorial will serve as a place to gather, reflect, and honor our veterans and service members. The Prosper Rotary Club and Foundation have committed to providing initial funding of $25,000 and matching donations thereafter up to $25,000 per year until the project is completed. For more information, click here

    The art contest is open to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade with three different divisions for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Students are encouraged to submit any type of student artwork focused on honoring our veterans. Mediums could include drawing, painting, sketch, 2-D, 3-D, and/or digital art. The deadline for submission is March 18th, 2022. Interested students should click here to submit. 

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  • Making a Beautiful Sound

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/14/2021

    Some 2nd graders spend their time playing with friends, reading, or doing arts and crafts. Stuber Elementary 2nd grader, Meenakshi Easwar enjoys these hobbies, but has also found a passion for singing. This passion is so great that it has vaulted her to the finals of a national singing contest that will air on December 18th. 

    Meenakshi in front of fountainMeenakshi’s parents noticed “her passion for listening to music at a very young age.” At the age of one and a half, she started singing rhymes and repeating all the lullabies she heard at school. Instead of taking a nap, she preferred listening to music. She began Kindermusik at the age of three and then joined the Musikgarten program at Texas Amps and Axes when she moved to Prosper. By the age of five, she began playing piano with Steinway artist, Dr. Mary Humm. Meenakshi also began carnatic vocal training under Mrs. Shubha Ramanan. She was fortunate to get Malayalam playback singer Mr. Nishad KK as her light music vocal trainer.

    This amazing young musician has participated in piano festivals receiving Superior ratings at all of her performances and performed on stage with a renowned orchestra from Dallas. She entered her first national competition, the Flowers TV USA Sing n Win Malayalam contest this year. The category for the competition is under 20 years old. Seven year old Meenakshi is the youngest of the 15 finalists in this event from the initial pool of more than 100 contestants from the US and Canada. 

    Each round of the national competition has been evaluated by a panel of highly qualified celebrity judges with results based upon the performance and singing quality, social media popularity of the video, and production quality.  The likes and comments for her video on the Channel page is a critical component of the evaluation. 

    This amazing young lady needs the support of her Prosper community.  Please watch her video, like and leave a nice review to help her. The voting through facebook ends Thursday, December 16th. Her performance can be seen on this official facebook link: https://fb.watch/9LkFpFQr3v/.

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  • Engineering Design Review

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/9/2021

    The Engineering Design and Development students at Prosper High School recently completed an Engineering Design Review presentation. This class is a senior level engineering class for students to identify a problem and work to solve it over the course of a school year. At this presentation, the projects were completed to a stage at which they were ready to be presented to a vice-president management panel or board of directors for appropriation authorization. In the professional engineering world, the exact audience is usually dependent upon the scope & amount of the appropriation in question. 

    During the presentation, the students were to describe the following:students presenting to experts

    What is their problem?

    Why is it a problem?

    Overall Design Requirements and Specifications

    Draft Solution (draft scope)

    Budgetary Estimate (cost to construct a prototype)

    Draft Schedule

    Students presented to a panel of five technical experts from the community representing civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering disciplines as well as information technology and business management. Additional audience members included staff from throughout PISD.

    At the end of the presentations, students received feedback from the professional panel as if they were entry level employees fresh out of college. Engineering teacher, Dan Geiter, was excited to be able to “provide the students a preview of what the working world looks like and create a constructively critical meeting so they could experience this in a supportive environment.”

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  • Super Snacks for SuperHeroes

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/6/2021

    Coach Kelli Smith, Coach Jesseca Ramirez, and Mr. Justinworkers receiving snacks Warren have restarted an old Baker Elementary tradition that promotes health and wellness in students and staff. The trio have become sponsors and participants of the Baker Mileage Club. As a part of the Mileage Club, second through fifth grade Baker students meet every Thursday morning at 7 am to run around Ledbetter Park. 

    The Mileage Club students realized they wanted to give back to the health care workers, our superheroes in our community! They collected snacks for local health care workers in the area, and promoted it throughout the school. Overall, the Mileage Club was able to collect 1500 snacks to deliver to various health workers!

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  • Hays Student Featured on TEDx

    Posted by PISD Communications on 12/3/2021

    Hays Middle School 8th Grader, Rishab Kattimani is truly an ambitious young man committed to growing himself and sharing his knowledge. Rishab was featured on TEDx, a “grassroots initiative… to research and discover ideas worthImage of video linked in story spreading” according to the TEDx website.

    According to his TEDx video description, he loves “speaking at live technology or coding summits and events” recently speaking at “an international symposium about Python, a programming language.” 

    Throughout his most recent TEDx speech, Rishab “discusses how to accelerate your learning journey through specific goal-setting, adapting a growth mindset, and engaging in social learning.”

    Click here to watch this amazing young man’s speech.

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  • Empowered Superintendent

    Posted by PISD Communications on 11/30/2021

    In the Spring of 2020, the world shifted and suddenly all American students were thrust into a digital learning environment. Schools throughout the nation struggled to establish and carry out a plan for virtual learning. Prosper ISD Poster for Dr. Fergusonwas able to establish a plan and carry it out providing devices to students and teachers and hot spots as needed. This capability was possible in large part to the technology support provided by Dr. Holly Ferguson. 

    As the former Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Associate Superintendent before becoming Superintendent, Dr. Ferguson has a long history of supporting technology in the classroom and technology initiatives to ensure that Prosper ISD are 21st century learners including leading the district to become a Google for Education school. 

    This fall, the Texas Education Technology Leaders (TETL) announced their award winners for the 2020-2021 school year. Dr. Holly Ferguson was named the 2020-2021 Empowered Superintendent for promoting and supporting innovative uses of technology in the district. As Superintendent, Dr. Ferguson has continued her support of a robust digital learning environment moving the district to a one to one device model and empowering digital learning and citizenship in teachers and students.

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