Pre-AP English II


    Attached below is the link to a "View Only" copy of the Daily Agenda for the second nine weeks. I update this regularly with information you will need about upcoming assignments, major assessments, and copies of notes and class information. When you are absent, CHECK THIS DOCUMENT. If you have questions about what you can expect for the upcoming week of class, CHECK THIS DOCUMENT. If you are curious about what your child is working on or reading in class, CHECK THIS DOCUMENT. I believe I have designed it to be very user-friendly, but please let me know if you have any issues viewing the information!

    Daily Agenda Quarter Three

    Pre-AP English II Syllabus

    Materials Needed for Class:

    • Composition Notebook
      • COLLEGE-RULED and yesit matters
    • Multi-colored pens
      • NO PENCILS.
        (I have my reasons)
    • Student copy of class texts
      • More info on what those texts will be to follow. 
    • Personal  Reading Book
      • You should ALWAYS have access to the reading
        you are doing on your own.
        And no double-dipping.