• How do I contact the library?

    By phone at 469-219-2280
    By email to taharkey@prosper-isd.net

    By mail at 551 S. Bluestem Dr. McKinney, TX 75072
    When can I visit the library?
    The library is open Monday-Friday from 7:45am - 2:45pm.
    How many books can I check out?

    Kindergarten - 1st Grade = two books for 2 weeks
    2nd - 5th Grade = three books for 2 weeks
    When are books due?

    All books are due when you have read them through! Some students choose long books that take a couple of weeks to read, other students like shorter books that may only take a day or two to read. Please return books as soon as you are finished, since others may be waiting to read them.
    The computer marks all items overdue that are kept out for more than two weeks. If you would like to keep any items longer than two weeks, please come to the library to renew them. The library does not charge fines for overdue items.
    What happens if an item from the library is lost or damaged?
    Lost or damaged books must be paid for in order to clear student records. Students will be asked to submit payment for lost or damaged items depending on the repair or replacement cost of the book. We order our books through a library company that has library bound books and sends us the books pre-processed. You may submit payment for lost or damaged books by cash or check made out to Furr Elementary. 
    What reading programs does the library sponsor?
    Special reading encouragement programs are offered throughout the year for all students: Bluebonnet & 2x2 State Reading Programs, Series Challenge, Book Clubs, research opportunities, and more! The library also runs two book fairs in the fall and spring.
    What do students learn in the library?
    Research shows that children learn best when they can access information at the point-of-need. Our library program is an extension of the classroom and information skills are taught within the context of the classroom curriculum. All students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade participate in research, hands on learning and learn to select good fit books. Our goal is to help students to develop the skills necessary to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas.
    How can parents get involved?

    The library is always looking for volunteers! Contact Mrs. Harkey if you would like to help on a regular basis with being a Legacy Reader, shelving, book repair, or creating displays. We also have special events, such as Book Fair where we need volunteers. 
    Parents can check out books too! We have a professional/reference section of the library with great books to choose from or select a favorite children's book to share with your student.