• --Recorder information--

    Dear 4th and 5th grade parents,

    This year all 4th and 5th grade students will begin learning the recorder during music class! The recorder is a woodwind instrument played by blowing a thin stream of air through the instrument and placing the fingers over the holes.

    ALL students must obtain a recorder in order to participate during these music lessons. Recorders will be purchased through Ms. Manson for $5. If you would like to purchase TWO recorders, (one for school and one for home) please send $10. This will include a recorder, a cleaning rod, and a recorder bag.

    We will be using the Yamaha YRS-24B recorders. If your student already has a recorder - send it in to Ms. Manson for approval.

    ***Please avoid sending your students with cheap plastic, colored recorders from discount stores such as the Dollar Store, Walmart, Costco, etc... The instruments found in these stores are often poor quality and will not be able to play the notes needed for music class.***

    Students will need to bring an envelope with cash or check to Ms. Manson. On the envelope please write…

    Full Name

    Grade/Color group



    *******The deadline for purchasing a recorder is September 11th.*******


    Once our recorder unit has started, the recorders will remain in school until the students have learned a few basic notes, practicing expectations, and about instrument cleaning/care. This means the students will not bring the recorders home for a few weeks until they have demonstrated proficiency on recorder basics.


    If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.




    Kristin Manson
    Music Specialist – Boyer Elementary