• Attendance for Credit or Final Grade

    (Kindergarten–Grade 12)

    To receive credit or a final grade in a class, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered. A student who attends fewer than 90 percent of the days the class is offered will be referred to the attendance review committee to determine whether there are extenuating circumstances for the absences and how the student can regain credit or a final grade lost because of absences. [See policy FEC.]

    All absences, whether excused or unexcused, must be considered in determining whether a student has attended the required percentage of days. In determining whether there were extenuating circumstances for the absences, the attendance committee will use the following guidelines:

    • If makeup work is completed, absences for the reasons listed above at Exemptions to Compulsory Attendance will be considered extenuating circumstances for purposes of attendance for credit or the award of a final grade.
    • A transfer or migrant student begins to accumulate absences only after he or she has enrolled in the district.
    • In reaching a decision about a student’s absences, the committee will attempt to ensure that it is in the best interest of the student.
    • The committee will review absences incurred based on the student’s participation in board-approved extracurricular activities. These absences will be considered by the attendance committee as extenuating circumstances in accordance with the absences allowed under FM (LOCAL) if the student made up the work missed in each class.
    • The committee will consider the acceptability and authenticity of documented reasons for the student’s absences.
    • The committee will consider whether the absences were for reasons over which the student or the student’s parent could exercise any control.
    • The committee will consider the extent to which the student has completed all assignments, mastered the essential knowledge and skills, and maintained passing grades in the course or subject.
    • The student or parent will be given an opportunity to present any information to the committee about the absences and to talk about ways to earn or regain credit or a final grade.

    The student or parent may appeal the committee’s decision to the board by following policy FNG (LOCAL).

    The actual number of days a student must be in attendance to receive credit or a final grade will depend on whether the class is for a full semester or for a full year.