Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom is where most of our assignments for Digital Innovation can be found. Instructions will be attached to the assignments for students to access from any computer. Most of their assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom. Work for this class should be done in the classroom.  If a student gets behind and needs to complete work at home they may do so and turn in through Google Classroom.  To log on to Google Classroom students will need to use their school provided login. For the email portion of the login students will put (Ex. and for the password they will enter their school password, the same one that gets them on the computers at school.

    Click HERE to access a link to Google Classroom.

    Required supplies: ear buds (not wireless)

    Digital Innovation Semester at a Glance:

    Week 1 – Lab rules, district resources and digital citizenship

    Week 2 – Keyboarding

    Week 3 – Paint

    Week 4 – Copyright and Plagiarism

    Week 5 & 6 – Microsoft Word and Google Docs

    Week 7 – Google SkectchUp

    Week 8 - 11 – Slide presentation software

    Week 12 & 13 – Microsoft Excel

    Week 14 & 15 – Photoshop

    Week 16 - 18 – Semester Review

    Week 19 – Mid-Terms