Course Selection FAQ


    1. Can I sign up for Athletics? 

    9th graders -  Yes*, however, you must make the team in order to stay in the class. Most cuts are typically made during the first few weeks of school. Those not making the team will be moved to a P.E. class. 

    10th – 12th graders - No*, You must have approval from the Coach in order to sign up for the sport.  Please contact them – their emails are provided on a separate list. Once the Counselor gets approval from the Coach, they will change your schedule.


    2. What if I want to play 2 sports? 

    Sign up for the sport that is in the Fall for the full year. Once the coaches choose the teams for the Spring sport, the counselors will change it on your schedule.   If you do not know which sport comes first, talk to the coaches – they will help you.


    3. Can I be in Band and a sport?

    Yes.  Please communicate with the director and the coach.  You may have practices that overlap – you will need to work this out with both teachers.


    4. What if I want to be an Office Aide? 

    Only Seniors in good standing may sign up to be an Office Aide. Choose an elective. Write “Office Aide” as an Alternate on your Course Selection sheet. Once your application has been accepted, the counselors will change the elective to Office Aide. 


    5. Can I have an “Off” period? 

    Seniors who are on track for graduation and have room in their schedule are allowed to have 2 course periods where they do not have curriculum. Office aide and senior release periods both count as an “off” period.  Juniors on track for graduation may have one early release or late arrival period if they already have a total of 15 credits.


    6. Can I have a “Study Hall”? 

    No. RHHS does not offer Study Hall. 


    7. What if the course I want requires an audition? 

    Choose an elective on your course selection worksheet.  Once you speak to the director, he/she will let the counselors know and will change your schedule. 


     8. Should I take Honors/AP classes?

     This is a very individual decision, and there are many factors to take into consideration: areas of strengths, previous grades, other commitments, teacher recommendations, etc. Your current teacher knows your skill set the best. They will be the best judge of your academic readiness. Taking all advanced courses in all areas is very challenging and time consuming, especially for those who have extracurricular commitments. We encourage you to balance your life and your school load. Students who decide to take Honors/AP classes are required to complete the entire first 6 weeks of the class before a move to an on- level would be considered. 


    9. Is there required summer reading for English? 

    Yes! This information is posted on the RHHS website.  

     10. Why do I have to choose alternate electives?

     Some courses do not make due to lack of interest - others have too many students sign up for them then we have staff for. Lastly, sometimes your schedule will not work with the elective and core combinations so we have to schedule your alternates. Please choose electives that you are interested in. 


     11. Can I request a particular teacher/period/lunch?

      We are unable to honor requests for certain teachers, class periods, or lunch periods. 

     12. Do I have to have community service hours?

     Community service is not required for graduation but looks great on college and scholarship applications.   We encourage students to keep a log of their community service hours.


     13. What if I change my mind over the summer?

    Unfortunately, we CANNOT change your course selections.  We create the master schedule and hire teachers based on your selections.  Please choose your classes wisely!  


     14. When will I get my schedule? 

    You will be able to see your schedule in Skyward in August. Remember – there are no elective changes.  Level changes can be made at the end of the sixth week of school.  


     15. What is a Dual Credit Class?

    Dual Credit is a class that you receive both high school AND college credit for.  Students may take Dual credit beginning their Junior year with U.S. History and English 3.   Students are required to pay for Dual Credit classes – tuition and books. Students may sign up for Dual credit in March for the Fall semester and November for the Spring semester.  


     16. How do I get a transcript?

    Go to the Rock Hill High School website and look under the Counseling tab.  Choose “Transcript” and follow instructions to request a transcript from Parchment.


     17. Can I take summer school to get ahead?

    Yes.  If the course is not offered at the RHHS summer school,  students may attend summer school at any Texas school district. Students earn high school credit for summer school approved courses, but these grades are not calculated in the student’s GPA.  It is also wise to consider what class you want to take to get ahead, and ask yourself if you will learn enough about the subject to continue in that study area the next school year. 


     18. The elective I signed up for is not what I thought it was going to be.  How can I change it?

    Unfortunately, no elective changes are allowed.  We staff our school based on the student requests, so please choose your electives wisely!


     19. Which Endorsement is best to help me get into college?

    Colleges do not care which Endorsement you have.  We encourage students to take elective courses that interest them.  High School is a great time to shop around to see what interests you.  


     20. What if I move school zones during the summer – will I still get the courses I signed up for?

    Yes – your course selections will move with you.  If the classes that you requested are available, you will be placed in those same classes.


    21. Can I take other courses to get ahead?

    Yes, Prosper allows students to take certain courses through correspondence for acceleration with prior administrator or counselor approval. Grades earned in correspondence courses are not calculated into the student’s GPA, but credit is awarded and the grade will appear on the student’s transcript. Seniors who are enrolled in correspondence courses to earn credit required for graduation must complete the course at least 30 days prior to graduation and submit the grade for recording. Credit may be obtained through various approved programs. The cost of enrolling in correspondence courses is the responsibility of the student.  

    Helpful links for approved correspondence courses:


    22.  I have other Rock Hill questions, where can I go?

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