• Attendance for Virtual Students        


    There have been quite a few questions from parents regarding attendance coding for virtual students.


    • All Virtual classes must mark the student “Remote Sync - Present,” “Remote Async - Present,” or “Absent”.

    • This means that Virtual students will have a “Positive” attendance marking in Skyward.

    • This is a new process for Skyward and it is showing “Absence” on some Skyward screens in Parent Accounts when it is not an absence at all.

    • Please view the Attendance Tab on your Parent Skyward account and look for the further detail on the attendance marking in question.

    • If you see “Remote Sync - Present,” “Remote Async - Present” in the explanation for the attendance detail this is NOT an absence, but a “positive” attendance marking indicating that the student was present in their virtual class.


    We recognize that these new Attendance Codes have caused some confusion and we appreciate your understanding

    and flexibility as we continue to make adjustments.