Here Comes the Bus

  • Here Comes The Bus

    We will begin using the Here Comes the Bus app to allow elementary students to scan into the bus (using their student ID card or the app on their smartphone) and give parents real-time bus locations within a 1-mile radius of the bus stop. Parents will see scheduled and actual stop times and confirmation their child’s bus arrived at the stop, school, or both. Parents will receive push notifications and email alerts when the bus enters the radius around the home stop and your child scans on and off the bus.

    The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.  To sign up, you will need to enter school code 28991 and complete the “User Profile” box. Then, add your student under “My Students” and enter your child’s name and student ID number. After confirming your information, you are ready to begin (it may take 24 hours for your information to update).