Game Day Ticket Sales Description


    • If your child participates in the game activities, you will be able to enter their student ID # and purchase up to 3 tickets for Volleyball and 4 tickets for Football at 12:01 am the day before the game. 
      • This includes Volleyball, Football, Cheer and Managers. If the band/drill team preforms, they will be added to this list as well.
    • Ticket Sales will open up to the General Public the day of the game at 12:01 am.



    • MS Volleyball- on campus except Rogers MS. 100 tickets per team 
    • Rogers MS VB- PHS or RHHS- 400 tickets per team 
    • Eagle Stadium- 600 Home/400 Visitors
    • Children's Stadium- 1000 tickets per team 


    We will not be able to accept any passes, ISD badges, student ID's or any other form of free entry for these games. All entry must be ticketed and accounted for. 

    All spectators MUST wear a face covering and be able to answer "No" to the COVID screening questions (self screening) in order to enter the stadium. 

    All concession s sales will be credit card only. NO CASH TRANSACTIONS 

    If you can't make it to the games at Children's Stadium, Eagle Stadium or the HS Areans, they will be live streamed on