• Course description

    6th grade Girls and Boys athletic introduction who are interested in playing sports and learning how to work hard and learn valuable life lessons through their sport. This class is more demanding than PE (physical education). Please read the course details and what to expect from a typical Pre-Athletics period. If your child DOES NOT plan on trying out for a sport in 7th grade, this class may not be the right fit. We want to ensure that all students understand the class they are choosing. Your student does not have to be enrolled in pre-athletics to take athletics in 7th grade. 


    Course details

    No physical is needed for Pre-Athletics

    Equipment needed: athletic shoes, athletic clothing (t-shirt, shorts, pants), sports bra (female athletes), water bottle

    **Dressing out is optional but recommended; students will need to make sure their clothes and shoes will allow them to complete the workout, drills and or game play for that day. For example, if a student is wearing a dress and nice shoes, we expect that they wear shorts underneath the dress or change into pants for class and have a change of shoes for the class period as well. **We will always give our students the opportunities to change back with enough time to not be late to their next class

    Equipment provided: balls for each sport, a place to change clothes, equipment needed for each sport, equipment to provide learning opportunities in the weight room and agility work

    Students will have a moderate to heavy work out or skills drill(s) daily, please expect to be physically and mentally challenged daily


    What does success looks like in Pre-Athletics?

    Students will be able to successfully

    • complete a dynamic warm-up with little to no coach facilitation (leadership roles)

    • complete a moderate to hard endurance workout that includes but is not limited to a running or agility work out; we use these to teach them how to regulate their breathing and to understand how their bodies move within different environments and sports

    • have an introductory understanding of the weight room and a few of the core lifts that are important for injury prevention through the use of PVC pipes, body weight and low DB/BB weight exercises (ie: bench press, squats, and hang clean progression)

    • have an introductory to moderate understanding (depending on what students participate in outside of school) of the skills and drills we use in MOST of our MS sports offered: Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Track and Soccer

    Pre-Athletics vs. PE

    Physical Education (PE)


    Continuation and extension of instruction in gross and fine motor skills through skills and games

    An introduction into what PISD MS athletic classes and expectations will be for when they enter into 7th grade. For students that wish to tryout for the sports offered

    Low to moderate workouts (ie walking)

    Moderate to heavy workouts (running, agility work, weight room introduction)

    Basic Sport introductions (typical and atypical) through skill and adaptive and creative game play

    Ex: basketball and lacrosse

    Introductions and extensions of sports offered at the MS level through skill work, sport drills and sport game play

    Girls: volleyball, basketball, track, soccer

    Boys: football, basketball, track and soccer

    The physical and mental demand in PE is low to moderate

    The physical and mental demand in Pre-athletics is moderate to high