PISD High School Summer School will be located at Rock Hill High School

      Face to Face High School Summer School

      • Face-to-Face High School Summer School

        • Prosper ISD High School Summer School is a fee-based program that allows students to take courses to make-up a class previously failed.   Registration for the upcoming session opens May 3rd, 2021 and closes on May 26th, 2021.
        • Summer School in 2021 will be held at Rock Hill High School located at 16061 Coit Rd., Frisco, Tx. 75035


        There are no courses through PISD High School summer school that are available for acceleration. If interested in doing courses for acceleration, courses are available through TTU K12  (k12.ttu.edu) or UT High School (highschool.utexas.edu)

      Credit Recovery General Information

      • What is the schedule for Credit Recovery Summer School?

        May 27 - June 18, 2021.  Credit recovery courses are offered in-person with daily teacher support from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

        How much does a Credit Recovery course cost?

        Credit recovery courses are $200.  Students may sign up for a maximum of two credit recovery courses through the Summer School program.  

        How does Credit Recovery work?

        • Students take a pretest at the beginning of each unit. If that score is 85% or higher, the student is allowed to proceed directly to that unit's posttest.  If the pretest score is less than 85%, the student must view every content item in the unit. The posttest will be available to the student when all items have been completed.
        • In order to move out of one unit into the next, the student must score a 70% or higher on the unit posttest.
        • Only unit posttests/final exams/EOC assessments are recorded in the final grade. Students must complete the entire course and the final exam or EOC to receive credit for the course.
        • NCAA does NOT accept GradPoint Recovery credits.

        How do I sign up for a Credit Recovery course?

        First, meet with your counselor to determine if a Credit Recovery course is the right choice for you.  When you are ready to register, visit InfoSnap to register and then visit MySchoolBucks to pay.  Be careful to select the course labeled Credit Recovery.

        After registering InfoSnap and paying through MySchoolBucks, visit the Gradpoint website, choose “Log In To Credit Recovery” > “Student Login” > “Register” and create your account. Please make note of your login ID and password.


      • Registration

        • High School Summer School Registration takes place online from May 3, 2021  - May 27, 2021.

        Current PISD students may register through InfoSnap and pay via MySchoolBucks by Mastercard, VISA credit or prepaid card, debit card, or electronic check. See instructions below. 

        The student and parent assume all responsibility for registering for the appropriate courses. Students and parents are encouraged to review options and contact their local school counselor with any questions to ensure that the student takes the appropriate class(es).  All students should register as early as possible for the classes they wish to take. Classes fill quickly and space is limited.

        Complete the following steps to register:

        • Complete Course request 2021 Summer School Request Form and wait for counselor confirmation prior to registering/paying for class(es) on MySchoolBucks
        • Infosnap Registration Link
        • Visit  MySchoolBucks to pay for Summer School
        • Create an account. If you have an account, log in.
        • Go to “Make a Payment”
        • Scroll down to “Other Payments”
        • Select the class(es) your student needs (no more than two face-to-face classes)
        • Complete the payment process

        Full payment of tuition is required at the time of registration as follows:

        PISD  Student - Retaking a Previously failed course:  $200.00 


      Credit Recovery and STAAR Prep Courses Offered

      • Which Credit Recovery courses are offered?

        • All courses are single-semester classes — equal to a .5 unit of credit.
        • Courses marked with a double asterisk (**) require that students must have successfully completed 1st semester prior to taking 2nd semester of this course.
        • Prosper ISD students can pay for up to two summer school classes for high school students needing to retake a class they previously failed. 

        Semester 1 and Semester 2 options are offered for the following courses:

        Language Arts   Science
        English I - 1st Semester   Biology - 1st Semester
        English I - 2nd Semester (**)   Biology - - 2nd Semester (**)
        English II - 1st Semester   Chemistry - 1st Semester
        English II - 2nd Semester (**)   Chemistry - - 2nd Semester (**)
        English III- 1st Semester   Physics - 1st Semester
        English III - 2nd Semester (**)   Physics - - 2nd Semester (**)
            IPC - 1st Semester
            IPC - 2nd Semester (**) 


        Social Studies   Math
        World History - 1st Semester   Algebra I 
        World History - - 2nd Semester (**)   Algebra I - - STAAR Prep
        US History - 1st Semester   Geometry - 1st Semester
        US History - - 2nd Semester (**)   Geometry - - 2nd Semester (**)
        World Geography    Algebra II - 1st Semester
        Economics   Algebra II - - 2nd Semester (**)
        Government    Precalculus - 1st Semester
            Precalculus - - 2nd Semester (**)
            Math Models


        STAAR Prep   LOTE/Other
        ELAR 1   Spanish I - 1st Semester
        Algebra 1   Spanish I - 2nd Semester (**)
        Biology   Spanish II - 1st Semester
        US History   Spanish II - 2nd Semester (**)


      Important Dates

      • Date Event Time Notes
        May 3 – May 26th Register at MySchoolBucks    
        May 27, 2021 First Day of Summer School AM
        8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
        June, 2021 Progress Reports Issued    
        June 18, 2021 Last Day of Summer School    
        June 18, 2021 Final Grades/Last Day of Summer School    

      Attendance Requirements

      • Student Attendance Procedures

        Attendance in class is important in order for students to learn.

        • Students are allowed no more than one absence.
        • Three tardies equals one absence. A tardy occurs when a student is late thirty minutes or less.
        • Tardies that are longer than thirty minutes in length will be considered an absence.
        • Teachers should encourage students to remain in class for instructional purposes even if they arrive after 30 minutes.


      • Summer School Transportation will be provided for those in need. 

        Students will be picked up and dropped off from the Elementary school closest to the student's home. 

        Students should report to the front of the campus for pick up. 

        Pickup - be at the elementary campus for pickup by 7:30 AM

        Dropoff back at the elementary campuses will be between 12:50 PM & 1:50 PM

        For questions or more information, email pisdbus@prosper-isd.net


      Refund Requests

      • Refund Requests

        • Once a student attends one day of Summer School, no refunds will be approved. No refunds are approved for students withdrawn from Summer School for attendance or discipline issues. Refunds are granted in full if a class is canceled. Parents must request a refund by emailing the High School Summer School office at PISDSecondarySummerSchool@prosper-isd.net

        Please include the following information for the refund request to be processed accurately:

        • Student Name
        • Student Number
        • Complete Address (include street address, apartment number (if applicable), city, state, and zip code)
        • The name of the course to be refunded
        • Amount to be refunded

        Refunds may take up to thirty (30) days to process as the Finance department handles these requests.