Dual Credit

      General Information

      • Beginning in the summer after the student’s sophomore year, qualified high school students may enroll in accredited Dual Credit courses with the exception of Medical Terminology available starting in 10th grade. Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses receive both high school credit and college credit simultaneously. Grades earned in Dual Credit courses taken during the fall and spring semester are weighted, calculated into the student’s high school GPA, and appear on the student’s high school and college transcript. To be eligible to enroll in Dual Credit courses, students must meet college admission requirements. Additionally, students must complete the application and registration process, including taking the TSI, and provide a copy of the college transcript or grade report at the end of the semester. Dual Credit courses taken during summer school or on-line will not be calculated into the student’s high school GPA but will appear on the high school and college transcript.

        Students will be responsible for paying all tuition, books, and fees associated with Collin College Dual Credit courses. 

        You can find the Dual Credit Prosper ISD parent presentation here. Additionally, our partners at Collin College have provided this presentation that outlines the entire dual credit program and enrollment process.


      Application Process

      • For more information about the Dual Credit Process, please see below.


        Dual Credit Options

        1. Traditional Dual Credit - classes taken at the high school. Students can choose to take one or more classes per semester. 

        2. Celina Campus Cohort - students spend every morning at the Celina Campus of Collin College. They return to the high school for afternoon classes. Students are required to take 4 pre-determined dual credit classes per semester.


        Dual Credit Application Process for 23-24 

        1. Apply to Collin College via www.applytexas.org. Select Fall 2023 if planning to start taking classes next school year. 

        - new dual credit students only.

        - students should use a personal email address, not their Prosper ISD email. 

        2. Submit the Dual Credit Permission Form, please click HERE to fill out the form. 

        3. Submit the Dual Credit Course Request Form. 

        - Current PHS Students, please click HERE to fill out the form.  

        - Current RHHS Students, please click HERE to fill out the form. 


        ***If students' PSAT or STAAR scores qualify for a TSI waiver, no further action is needed from you. The TSI waiver will be applied by the College and Career Counselor. 

        ***Immunization documentation is not required for students taking dual credit at the high school.


        Changes for the 2023-2024 School Year 

        1. The Permission Form hold will stay active on students’ accounts until Spring of their Senior year. 

        2. For new dual credit students, the Immunization hold will remain on a student’s account. 

        3. Students will no longer register themselves for dual credit classes. The dual credit office will register students for all of their classes.




      List of Dual Credit Courses

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