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  • Data Privacy Value Statement

    • Prosper ISD is committed to providing a safe digital learning environment while protecting the data privacy of its students, families, and staff.
    • Policies and best practices are in place to govern the responsible use of technology, promote ethical standards of conduct, and monitor systems for secure access and communication.

    Data Governance Guidelines

    The Prosper ISD Data Governance Guidelines establish sound principles for staff to manage the data that belongs to students, families and staff. They influence the safe and secure handling of data by: 

    • Aligning practices with board policy and state and federal regulations
    • Limiting access to the least number of people based on roles and responsibilities
    • Stressing that staff will protect Personally Identifiable Information
    • Providing an approval process to vet applications that consume student or staff data
    • Maintaining secured network systems and up-to-date Incident Response plans in the event of a cyber event or incident

    The Data Governance committee is comprised of key stakeholders in departments across the district, and the guidelines are reviewed one to two times annually.

    Data Privacy Agreement Process

    • Prosper ISD requires a data privacy agreement with any vendor or service provider that integrates student and/or staff data into their products.  The purpose of a data privacy agreement is to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of students and staff by establishing the obligations and duties of both the district and the vendor or service provider.

      Prosper ISD utilizes the Texas Standard Student Data Privacy Agreement (TX-NDPA v1r6) which was developed by the Texas Student Privacy Alliance in conjunction with the national Student Data Privacy Consortium.  

      The agreement covers data ownership and authorized access and outlines compliance with applicable laws. It delineates expectations for reasonable security precautions, data handling practices, and notification requirements in the event of a data breach.  The agreement also prohibits providers from (1) using, disclosing or selling data for the purpose of advertising or (2) developing profiles of students or families for any purpose other than providing the service contracted by the district.

  • CoSN TLE Logo

    The CoSN TLE Seal Program requires school systems to implement high standards for protecting student data privacy across five core practice areas:

    • Leadership
    • Business
    • Data Security
    • Professional Development
    • Classroom

    Prosper ISD represents the 8th school district in Texas and the 25th school district in the nation to earn the CoSN Trusted Learning Environment Seal.


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