• When we build a strength program, we break our lifts down into 4 main categories: 

    EXPLOSIVE -- Total body lift that generates power through moving weight as fast as possible.

    LOWER BODY -- Developing strength using both single leg and double leg movements.

    UPPER BODY -- Both horizontal and vertical push/pull exercises.

    AUXILIARY/MOBILITY -- Exercises that develop strength in accessory muscles.

    These exercises are broken down into both beginner, intermediate and advanced movements that student athletes will progress through as they become more experienced and show their abilities to their coaches.  We have set benchmarks for our athletes as they move from one level of our athletic program to the next.  Typically, this is broken down by grade level, but it is flexible based on the skill level of each athlete. 


    Beginner - Pre-athletic 6th grade and 7th grade 

    Intermediate - 8th and 9th grade 

    Advanced - 10th - 12th grade 


    These exercises each have modifications to allow them to be performed easier or harder based on the athletes skill level, flexibility, strength and conditioning.