• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Prosper ISD World Language program is to empower all students to be lifelong language learners who are able to communicate in the target language. We believe all students can acquire language and grow in cultural awareness.

    Program Transfer Goals

    As a result of participating in the Prosper ISD World Language program, students will:

    • Demonstrate understanding of communication within appropriate cultural contexts
      • “One-way” reading or listening: digital text, audio, and audiovisual materials
    • Engage in interpersonal communication with others 
      • Two-way” communication: face to face, digital discussions and messaging, and exchanging personal letters/emails
    • Present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience with whom there is no immediate interaction 
      • “One-to-many” communication: presenting to a group, creating and posting digital content, writing reports, compositions or articles
    • Develop insight into and connections between the students’ own language and culture in order to increase participation in local and global communities

    Instructional Philosophy

    The study of world languages is an essential part of education. In the 21st century language classroom, students gain an understanding of two basic aspects of human existence: the nature of communication and the complexity of culture. Students become aware of multiple perspectives and means of expression, which lead to an appreciation of difference and diversity. Further benefits of foreign language study include stronger cognitive development, increased creativity, and divergent thinking. Students who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural context, are globally literate and possess the attributes of successful participants in the world community.  

    Communication is the overarching goal of world language instruction. Students should be provided ample opportunities to engage in conversations, to present information to an audience, and to interpret culturally authentic materials in the language of study.  The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) identifies three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.  Texas Administrative Code Chapter 114. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English, 2014.

    In order to achieve our communicative goals, the Prosper ISD World Languages department:

    • Designs learning experiences across all modes of communication 
    • Teaches vocabulary and grammar in context and as functional language
    • Uses the target language in communicative and comprehensible ways
    • Assesses student performance with authentic tasks