Grievance Process

  • Prosper ISD has adopted a grievance process for the purpose of resolving employee, student/parent, and public concerns as expediently and efficiently as possible.
    Before filing a grievance, and pursuant to Prosper ISD Board Policy, the District strongly encourages each individual to attempt to resolve his or her concerns with the applicable campus or department administrator or employee.  The District believes it is typically in the best interest of everyone involved to informally resolve concerns if at all possible.  Please keep in mind that any applicable timelines for filing a grievance are not affected by an attempt at informal resolution.
    However, if an informal resolution is unsuccessful or not appropriate in a particular circumstance, the following is the process by which an individual may file a grievance in Prosper ISD:

    piece of paperStep One

    Determine which Prosper ISD grievance policy is applicable to your complaint. Make sure that your complaint is appropriately addressed by that policy and that you are familiar with all requirements of that policy:
    • If you are a Prosper ISD student or a parent/guardian of a Prosper ISD student complaining about a student matter, Board Policy FNG(Local) applies.
    • If you are a member of the community (or otherwise do not fit into either of the above two categories) complaining about matters related to Prosper ISD, Board Policy GF(Local) applies.


    pencilStep Two

    Print and completely fill out the appropriate Level One form linked below:
    If you are unable to print out a form, you may request a paper copy of the form from any campus or other building in the District.


    laptopStep Three

    Submit the Level One form to the Prosper ISD Administration Office as follows:
    • Submit the form in person to the Prosper ISD Administration, Attn: Office of Administrative Services, 605 E. 7th Street, Prosper, TX 75078; or
    • Mail the form to Prosper ISD Administration, Attn: Office of Administrative Services, 605 E. 7th Street, Prosper, TX 75078; or
    • Fax the form to (972) 346-9247.


    speakingStep Four

    A Prosper ISD administrator will contact you to discuss the grievance and schedule a Level One conference.  At this conference, you will have the opportunity to fully explain your concerns and submit to the Level One administrator any documents you think he or she should consider in making a determination.  The Level One administrator will submit to you a written response to your concerns and instructions on how to file a Level Two appeal if you are not satisfied with the Level One administrator’s decision.
    Questions about the Prosper ISD grievance process can be submitted to