2024 Start of School Important Information

  • BUS RIDERS (General Education Students)

    Centralized bus stop locations

    Many bus stops have moved to more centralized neighborhood locations in order to minimize the amount of time students spend on the bus and the number of late arrivals to school due to many stops. In addition, by centralizing bus stops, we are reducing the amount of time students are spending on the bus and increasing our efficiency and our on-time percentage.

    Elementary students may be required to walk up to .50 of a mile to a bus stop. Middle School students and High School students may be required to walk up to 1 mile to a bus stop. Bus routes are designed to limit student ride time to no more than 45 minutes one-way if at all possible; however, most students ride under 30 minutes one-way.


    We are evaluating all crossing guard locations to determine the best location for monitored crossings. As housing developments continue to grow around our campuses, we know that walking/riding patterns also continue to evolve.

    Completing Returning Student Registration as quickly as possible will help us provide specific information to you more quickly. Our goal is to have bus stop and route information to you by August 1 – if you are already registered!

    Band Instruments

    If your child rides a bus with an instrument, please remember that large band instruments are not allowed on the buses. The instrument must be able to fit in the student’s lap and cannot extend beyond the student’s lap. This rule is due to safety.

    Unfortunately, we do not have extra space on our buses for students to have individual seats to help with large band instruments, therefore, we cannot have items loose in seats or on the floor as they could become projectiles in the event the bus has to stop quickly.

    Drivers will have to deny a student the ability to ride the bus if they have a large instrument that cannot safely be kept in their lap.

    Electronic Device Policy

    Please see Student Rider Handbook