Stadium Regulations

  • 1. Access to reserved seating, press-box, and field will be allowed only with required ticket and/or
    pass issued by Prosper ISD.
    2. Authorize personnel ONLY on the field or in team area before, during or after game.
    3. West side of the stadium is home seating and the East side is visitor seating. Tickets must be
    purchased for your team’s side only.
    4. No crossover between East and West sides of the stadium will be allowed.
    5. No re-entry to stadium without the purchase of a new ticket, including passes
    6. No outside food or drink is allowed.
    7. No outside balls, skateboards, etc.
    8. No solicitation other than athletic, band and drill team booster clubs.
    9. No videotaping without authorization of both schools and stadium staff.
    10. No comfort pets and/or live mascots will be allowed.
    11. All PISD policies regarding banned substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and e-cigs will be strictly
    12. All spectators must be appropriately clothed. Administrators reserve the right to eject anyone
    wearing offensive items.
    13. No golf carts allowed on the premises. All golf cart parking is at Boyer Elementary.
    14. In the event of an emergency evacuation, please refer to the copy of “Prosper ISD Stadium
    Evacuation Plan”
    15. PISD stadium has a clear bag policy. See below for detailed information.