Gifted and Talented

  •  Prosper ISD Gifted and Talented Program Information


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Prosper ISD Gifted Program is to recognize and nurture gifted students as we provide opportunities to develop their talents and the habits of mind necessary to contribute positively to their communities. 


    What is meant by gifted and talented?

    Prosper ISD adheres to the Texas Education Agency's definition of gifted and talented student: "a child or youth who performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area, possess an unusual capacity for leadership, or excels in a specific academic field."



    Prosper ISD uses both quantitative and qualitative data to identify students for gifted program services. Ability and achievement test scores along with student work and parent and teacher input are reviewed by the placement committee.  Students whose data indicates that gifted program services are required are placed in the program. For specific information related to testing, please contact the campus gifted specialist.  Parents may appeal placement decisions within 10 business days of the postmarked date of the GT Status Report. 


    Description of Services 

    The Prosper ISD Gifted Program is designed to challenge high ability learners in order to develop critical and creative thinkers who are able to positively contribute to their community.  In order to best serve these students, all Prosper teachers have gifted training and are required to earn additional hours of gifted training each year. 

    Elementary - Students receiving gifted services will meet regularly in a pull out program with a campus gifted specialist. Students are also placed in a cluster group within the general education classroom. 

    Middle School - Based on gifted placement, students may enroll in GT English and/or math courses. These courses have the same learning objectives as their Honors counterpart, but include components that increase depth and complexity of the learning experiences in order to challenge high ability learners. Students will also receive appropriate differentiation to meet any gifted needs in their Honors science and/or social studies courses. 

    High School - Students receiving gifted services are clustered in Honor and AP courses. Freshman and sophomore students have the option to enroll in GT Humanities l and ll. This two year course integrates Honors English l, AP World History, and elements of the Humanities. GT Humanities ll is available only to students who have completed GT Humanities l. Students may continue on to the junior year American Studies course. This double-blocked (two period) course integrates AP English lll, AP US History, and elements of the Humanities. Students will also receive appropriate differentiation to meet any gifted needs in their AP science and social studies courses.


    Prosper ISD GIfted/Talented Program Guide