Internet Safety


Resources for parents and students

  • Prosper ISD wants to promote, educate and inform all students, parents and teachers on the importance of Internet safety, to help ensure our students are responsible digital citizens.

    Kids Resources
    • Netsmartz Excellent source of interactive web safety tutorials, quizzes, educational videos, etc. (all ages)

    Parent Resources

    • 5 Things Parents Should Know about Cyberbullying - Common Sense
    • Common Sense - Great resources for parents with regard to internet safety and how to help your students stand up to cyberbullying.
    • - Rob Nickles, Cyber-Safety Expert, educates children and parents on the dangers that are online.
    • -Sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance to educate and empower society to use the internet safely.
    • Department of Justice, Internet Safety for Children - References and publications created by the Department of Justice.
    • Webwise Kids - The Web Wise Kids mission is to teach kids, parents and the community the value of making safe and wise choices in a technologically evolving world. We do this by creating and distributing interactive content through the same media in which kids and adults live their lives.
    • Connect Safely - Social media tips and information for families.