• The code for google classroom will be available in class.  Please keep up to date with google classroom as assignments, video tutorials, and reviews will be available.  Initial grading for all work will be done via quality photo submissions to google classroom by posted deadline.  A digital camera is available for student use in the event a personal device is not available.   

    IMPORTANT: Completion dates of greenware items will be firm however glazed deadlines will be dependent on kiln space/availability so will not follow a strict deadline. 

    Remember you must use your skyward log in with @k12.prosper-isd.net and your password is the same as skyward.  Parents interested in viewing power points and information on the google classroom page should have their student log in to show off what is there.

    Parent Google Classroom Access: Any parent may access the assignments and discussion that takes place in Google Classroom. To view your student’s Google Classroom pages, please go to https://classroom.google.com/ and login using your student’s username and password. Your student’s login credentials are his or her PISD email address, and his or her normal password. It will be something like:

    Username: doejohn000@k12.prosper-isd.net

    Password: An eight-character letter/number combination


    Anticipate 1-2 hours of additional studio time beyond the classroom each week. So be sure to do all research and sketches at home when assigned.


    Potters Wheel

    ART, 3500900, 1 credit

    Grade Level:10th-12th  GPA Level: Level 1  Prerequisite: Art 1

    Ceramics 2 is an introduction to hand building and wheel throwing techniques to create functional and sculptural work which demonstrates an understanding of the elements and principles of design.  

    Ceramics 3 Prerequisite: Art 1 and Ceramics 2: review of hand building and wheel throwing techniques with a greater degree of student voice and technical skills expected.