• Google Classroom will be used for assignments, notifications, and submission of work for grading.  Students will be expected to take quality photographs of their artwork and submit for formal grading. In order to join google classroom a code will be provided in class.


    Remember you must use your skyward log in with @k12.prosper-isd.net and your password is the same as skyward.  

    Parent Google Classroom Access: Any parent may access the assignments and discussion that takes place in Google Classroom. To view your student’s Google Classroom pages, please go to https://classroom.google.com/ and login using your student’s username and password. Your student’s login credentials are his or her PISD email address, and his or her normal password. It will be something like: 

    Username: doejohn000@k12.prosper-isd.net

    Password: An eight-character letter/number combination 

    You must enter the entire email address – not just the username part. If you are unsure of your student’s username, your student can tell you.  If you are unable to access your student’s account for any reason, please contact the school.

    ART, 3501000, 1 Credit  

    Grade Level:10th-12th  GPA Level:Level 1

    Prerequisite: Art 1

    Sculpture 2 is an introductory course in additive and subtractive techniques using a variety of tools and materials. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the design principles through informed decision making in their work.

    Sculpture 3 is a more challenging level that allows students to incorporate more of their own voice into the work. Prerequisite: Art 1, Sculpture II

    Anticipate two hours of additional studio time beyond the classroom each week. So be sure to do all research and sketches at home when assigned.