• U.S. Military History Syllabus

     Mr. Atkinson

    Course Description: This course will focus on U.S. military history from colonial times to the present war on terror. Students will learn about the development of the US military organization, structure, strategy, tactics, weapons, function, and application as an extension of US domestic and foreign policy. The students will read from the text book and several outside sources. There will be two major projects during the year. The one in the Fall will focus on a US military response to a trouble spots in the world. The project in the Spring will focus on a particular battle in American military history. The students will also be required to attend one lecture at the Military History Dept. at UNT.


     Allison, William T. The American Military History. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall,2007.

    Foreign Policy Research Institute white papers


    Part 1

    Waging War with Limited Resources

    6 weeks

    Intro. to warfare

     Am. Rev.: First Phase

    Winning Indep. 1777-1783

    Formative years 1783-1812

    War of 1812

    Part  2

    Young Am. As a military power

    7 weeks

    Thirty years of peace

    Mexican war and after

    Civil War 1861

    Civil War 1862

    Civil War 1863

    Civil War 1864-1865

    The interwar years

    Part 3

    Introduction to World Power

    7 weeks

    Spanish-Amer. War

    Indian Wars

    Emergence to world power 1898-1902

    Transition and change 1902-1917

    W.W. I First three years

    W.W.I U.S. Army overseas

    Between World Wars

    Part 4

    American strategy in global triumph

    5 weeks

    W.W.II the defensive phase

    Grand Strategy and Washington High Command

    W.W.II The war against Germany and Italy

    W.W. II: The war against Japan

    Peace becomes a Cold War

    Part 5

    Post World War American Strategy

    10 weeks

    The Korean War, New look Army, Global Pressure

    , U.S. Army in Vietnam, Reagan Years,

     Gulf war, Iraq, Afghanistan, war on terror


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