Second Grade News
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    Sept. 10th- Sauce Spirit Night

    Sept. 11th- 9/11 Assesmbly (8am)

    Sept. 24th- Mooyah Spirit Night

    Oct. 11th- Good Morning Boyer (GMB) Assembly (8am)

    Oct. 11th- End of 1st 9 Weeks


  • Sight Words


    • Students will continue to work on increasing thier writing stamina.

    • Students will be learning how to make predicitions and connections to text.

    • Students will continue to develop an understanding of the base-10 place value system and place value concepts. The students' understanding of base-10 place value includes ideas of counting in units and multiples of thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones and a grasp of number relationships, which students demonstrate in a variety of ways. 
    • Students will learn how to classify objects based on physical properties, which serves as a foundation when encountering unfamiliar objects. 
Social Studies
    • Students will continue to learn how to think and ask questions like a historian. They will think about the qualities of good citizens past and present and look for examples of ways to practice good citizenship through community service.