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  • PCIS is a course designed for Prosper ISD juniors and seniors. Students select careers or topics of study, and the teacher helps students narrow and focus the topic of study. Students conduct information interviews with professionals in the chosen field and then, carefully select a mentor with who he/she will work for the remainder of the year (usually the second semester).

    See Ms. Ballard (PCIS teacher) or your counselor for more information! Applications are due each spring on the set date. Late applications will not be accepted.

    What are the students saying about PCIS?

    “PCIS has been the most amazing and eye-opening journey for me. I gained incredible experiences from working with the Dallas Cowboys, where I got to learn the ins and outs of the business, even interviewing a player in the Cowboys’ in-house film studio as part of my final product. Through PCIS, I have become a more confident individual, well-prepared to pursue a career in business.” -Megan Stasick

    “I love PCIS. Although it can be a very stressful class for me, PCIS pushes my limits and gives me the freedom to explore what my future career could be.” -Brooke Blackstock

    “I really love how much “adulting” we get to do in this class. It’s really cool to go out and be a part of a professional setting with people who share the same passions as you.” -Kendall Rose

    “PCIS has given me the great opportunity to go and work with a mentor at Texas Instruments. Not only does PCIS give you chances to experience real word circumstances, but it teaches you necessary real-life skills that will be used later on in life.” -Reid Grimmet

    “My field of study for PCIS has been aerospace engineering. Through this program, I was able to visit and tour Raytheon over in McKinney. I got to see some of the amazing optics projects they are currently working on and talk to a few of their engineers. That trip helped cement my interest in aerospace and make clear my path for the future.” -Alexander Windon

    “PCIS has allowed me the freedom to research and learn about civil engineering. I will be able to provide input on the third high school in Prosper to the board and even learn how to fly a drone. This class has opened my eyes to the endless opportunity available to me.” -Maycie McDougal

    “PCIS gave me a way to make connections with influential people in my field, something that in photography is super beneficial. A week into mentor visits, I got to assist my mentor on a photo shoot that will be featured in Vogue, something that I would never have had the chance to do without PCIS.” -Hailey Baird

    “As an aspiring mechanical engineer, I couldn’t imagine a better way to prepare myself for the future than what I am currently doing which is building a drone from scratch with my mentor, a mechanical engineering professor at UTA.” -Andrew Crawford

    “Prosper Career Independent Study has not only strengthened my knowledge of the medical field but has also made me a more confident, professional speaker and individual.” -Lauren Krupens

    “PCIS has been fantastic as I get to see what happens behind the scenes at FC Dallas. The class feels more like an activity rather than something I’m getting a grade for.” -Chris Nayler-Gress

    “My experience in PCIS has been distinctly different from other students in the class. I came into the class my junior year completely unsure of what I wanted to study. I am proud to say that through PCIS, I have been exposed to fields and people that I could never have imagined, and I am a better student and person from my PCIS journey. It truly has been wonderful!” -Mackenzie Hewitt