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    Baker Elementary

    Frequently Asked Questions


    I need after school care for my children, who do I call?
    • AlphaBEST after-school at Baker 469-500-1605
    • Boys & Girls Club McKinney 214-544-8924 Ext 101
    • Heritage Learning Center 972-548-2757
    • Kids R Kids 972-346-3000
    • North Texas MMA 972-347-3165
    • Primrose Day Care Prosper 972-347-2767
    • Primrose Day Care Stone Brook 972-529-6863
    • Stonebridge Academy 972-540-5760
    • PISD Transportation 469-219-2065
    • Director: Jody Wolverton Ext: 15302

    May I come and eat lunch with my child?
    YES !!! We love to have parents come for lunch. You will need to check in with the front office. Please make sure you have your driver’s license with you so we can scan it thru our Raptor software. If you were in the Raptor system last year you will still need to be scanned as the system doesn’t hold info from previous school years. Once you have received your visitor badge you may go to the cafeteria. Please meet your child there rather than going to their classroom so as to minimize distraction during instructional time.

    Can I bring food in for my child for lunch?
    Yes. The food that you bring in may only be for your child. It cannot be shared with his or her classmates as we have students with allergy issues.

    It is my child’s birthday. May I bring cupcakes and or party invitations to the classroom?
    Unfortunately neither of these is permitted.

    My child is sick, how do I notify the school?
    Please report your child’s absence to our attendance line every time they are out. Our 24 hour automated number is 469-219-2121. Leave your child’s name and a brief explanation of why they are absent. Please see attached attendance policy for more details.

    I need to check my child out early for a Dr. appointment. What should I do?
    In order to check your child out you must have a photo id with you. If your name is not listed on the child’s contact/emergency info we will NOT release him or her to you. If you have a relative or neighbor picking up the child and they are not listed on the child’s contact/emergency info again we CANNOT release your child.

    How do I add someone to the list of people allowed to pick up my child?
    Please provide us with a signed and dated note with the names of people who may pick up your child. We will add them into our Skyward system.

    How do I change my child’s way of getting home today?

    Please CALL the front office no later than 2:30 pm to let us know how your child will be going home. We deliver messages to the classroom beginning at 2:31 pm so we CANNOT accept any transportation changes after that time. We do not recommend emailing the teacher any changes as they don’t always have a chance to check their email until the very end of the day.

    We understand that there are emergencies and we will do everything we can to help you in those situations. We encourage you to not make a lot of transportation changes for your student as it tends to confuse them and the teachers.

    How do I become a volunteer in my child’s class?
    We welcome classroom volunteers. In order to be in the classroom or chaperone field trips you will need to fill out a background check form that we have in the front office. It generally takes a few weeks to process but once you are cleared you may volunteer in the classroom. Please keep in mind that if you have not completed the background check process and there is an upcoming field trip, you will need to give a 2-3 week lead time for processing in order to go on that trip. We encourage everyone at the beginning of the school year to fill out a form. That way you are all set for whatever events are planned. A new background check is required every year.

    Who are the front office people?
    Rhonda McAdams is the Baker Registrar. Her duties include reporting attendance to the state and maintaining all of our student records. Rhonda is beginning her 3rd year at Baker but has been with PISD for 12 years.

    Christie Thornton is the Baker Secretary. Her duties include assisting Principal and staff when needed with all secretarial duties as well as the school budget. This is Christie's 2nd year at Baker.

    Rachel Flores is the Baker Receptionist.

    Barbara Brooks is our Baker RN. She is starting her 7th year at Baker. She takes care of every sick child on our campus and maintains any allergy or special medical information on our students. Barbie can also be seen celebrating with our students who have lost their first tooth at school.

    Debra Hurbough is our counselor. This is her 3rd year at Baker Elementary and has eleven rewarding years as an elementary counselor and four years as a deaf education /special education teacher. Her main passion and concern is the safety and emotional wellness of learners and staff at Baker. She is also the Baker campus testing coordinator. You will see Debra in classrooms regularly teaching students skills for building a positive and successful foundation. Debra’s door is always open so please stop by and visit with any concerns or questions.

    While it may seem that the front office staff each has their own duties, they often share responsibilities and there is a lot of crossover. They all take turns helping each other throughout the day. It is one of the reasons our office is a “well-oiled machine”.