Mr. Jesse Fletcher



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jesse Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher is an 19th-year teacher who studied at the University of Florida, graduating with a Bachelor's in English, and also as a graduate of UF's notable "PROTEACH" program. He is certified to teach English and Reading at all middle school levels among other certifications. Prior to coming to Hays, he has worked elsewhere in Prosper, as well as in Lewisville and Garland ISDs, and has taught in Florida. He has also been involved in professional video game design, is a published writer, and maintains an educational blog. He is also married to a wonderful wife and has two amazing children.

His conference times are 1st and 8th period. He also has a peculiar habit of writing about himself in the 3rd person.


If you'd like to contact me directly, click here. Please feel free to contact me at any time - I place great value on parent communication!  Alternatively, you can reach me via the school's phone at (469) 219.2260, ex 73270, but email is definitely preferred for a faster and clearer response.


Officially, I tutor Thursday mornings before school. More realistically, I tutor any student who needs it if I'm in my room and not teaching.

Note that I am not likely to be available Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, or Friday afternoons.

  • Standard Schedule

    (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)

    Pre-1st: (7:40-8:05) - On Campus

    1st: (8:10-8:55) - Planning

    2nd: (9:00-9:45) - 8 GT ELAR Morning Section

    3rd: (9:50-10:35) - 8 GT ELAR Morning Section

    4th: (10:40-11:25) - 7 GT ELAR Section

    5th: (11:30-12:25) - 7 GT ELAR Section

    LUNCH: (12:30-1:00)

    6th: (1:00-1:45) - 8 GT ELAR Afternoon Section

    7th: (1:50-2:35) - 8 GT ELAR Afternoon Section, cont.

    8th: (2:40-3:25) - Planning

    Post-8th: (3:30-3:55) - On Campus




  • Block Schedule


    Pre-1st: (7:40-8:05) - On Campus

    1st: (8:10-9:40) - Planning

    3rd: (9:45-11:15) - 8 GT ELAR Morning Section

    5th: (11:20-12:50) -  7 GT ELAR Section 

    LUNCH: (12:50-1:20)

    EAGLE TIME: (1:20-1:50)

    7th: (1:55-3:25) - 8GT ELAR Afternoon Section

    Post-7th: (3:30-3:55) - On Campus




  • Block Schedule


    Pre-1st: (7:40-8:05) - On Campus

    2nd: (8:10-9:40) - 8 GT ELAR Morning Section

    4th: (9:45-11:15) - 7 GT ELAR Section

    6th: (11:20-12:50) -  8 GT ELAR Afternoon Section 

    LUNCH: (12:50-1:20)

    EAGLE TIME: (1:20-1:50)

    8th: (1:55-3:25) - Planning

    Post-8th: (3:30-3:55) - On Campus