Mr. John Frensley



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering Master of Science - Physics Texas Teacher Certification: Physical Science 8-12 Texas Teacher Certification: Mathematics 8-12 Texas Teacher Certification: Gifted and Talented Supplemental

Mr. John Frensley

Mr. Frensley was born, raised, went to public school in, went to college in, and taught AP Physics for 12 years in Richardson.  He moved to Prosper and started working in Prosper ISD in 2017, where he teaches Physics and AP Physics 1, 2, and both parts of Physics C.


My Role as Prosper ISD AP Physics Teacher

Sadly, physics sometimes receives a poor reputation.  Some teachers have the idea that only "smart people" can do physics.  In other cases, physics is presented in a way that is confusing and complex, giving people a bad taste for physics.  Mr. Frensley entered the field of teaching in order to shatter those stereotypes.  Mr. Frensley enjoys making physics fun and straightforward without decreasing the challenge and rigor involved in learning physics.  Mr. Frensley wants students to see physics in every aspect of their lives, not merely in distant, abstract places.  Students who take Mr. Frensley's class should get ready to talk about physics in terms of driving a car, sports, music, appliances at home, and other familiar places.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their students regularly about what they are doing in physics, and ask their students to explain physics concepts in a way the parents can understand.  If the student struggles to do so, it may be a sign that they are encountering difficulties with physics.


Mr. Frensley enthusiastically invites all students to use resources that can help them when they have difficulty in physics, such as study groups, online materials recommended by Mr. Frensley, and Mr. Frensley himself during Soar Time and during before/after school tutorials.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with Mr. Frensley through e-mail (please put your student's name in the subject line) when difficulty comes so that parent-and-teacher can work together to ensure the student's success and growth.


My Role as AP Consultant

Another of Mr. Frensley's roles is as an AP Consultant, where Mr. Frensley trains other AP Physics teachers at one-day and two-day workshops during the school year and at four-day and week-long AP Summer Institutes during the summer.  Mr. Frensley's goal is to help all teachers who participate in his workshops become more effective (better outcomes in the classroom) and more efficient (exerting less effort and still getting better results).  Mr. Frensley also works with students from other schools in the evening or on Saturdays so that teachers can observe his pedagogy.  Mr. Frensley fulfills these roles through the College Board, the National Math and Science Initiative, Region 10, and other organizations that contract his services.

Among the work that Mr. Frensley has done for the College Board includes: writing all of the Sample Instructional Activities that appear in the four AP Physics course description documents, drafting about half of the questions that appear in the AP Physics 1 Student Workbook, and creating draft questions for the 2020 AP Physics contingency exam.

Among the work that Mr. Frensley has done for the National Math and Science Inititative includes:  Writing all presenter-facing and student-facing Saturday Study Session materials for AP Physics 1, writing all "understanding by design" units for AP Physics 2, and writing training materials for use with AP Physics teachers during the summer and during the school year.


What does all this mean?

It means that your student is in extremely capable hands.  Your student will sit in very few classrooms with a teacher who is sought-out nationally to train other teachers.  So encourage your student to engage at the highest level they can so that they can gain the best personal outcomes they can get from physics and AP Physics.

  • 2020-2021 Schedule

    Period 1 - Planning

    Period 2 - AP Physics 1

    Period 3 - Physics

    Period 4 - AP Physics 1

    Period 5 - Physics

    Period 6 - AP Physics C

    Period 7 - Planning

    Period 8 - AP Physics 1


    Tutorial Times

    7:45 - 8:15 - A-Days

    Soar Time - B-Days

    (Information about joining tutorials appears at the bottom of your student's "Classwork" tab on G-Classroom, under a heading called "Tutorials Information")