Students collaborate on a broadcast design as part of a lesson on the design cycle.

Principles of AV Tech (Broadcast Specific)

  • This course will explore a wide variety of topics including careers, history of Audio/Video and Communications Technology, ethics (including copyright), the design cycle, and principles of design as well as lay the journalistic foundations in writing for scholastic broadcast. Students will participate in class discussions, group work and projects. while developing a creative aptitude, strong background in digital editing and design, academic foundation and proficiency in oral and written communication as it pertains to the field of television production and scholastic broadcast. Students will use a variety of software including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud.  Students will be exposed to different types of technology and the learn the basics of camera work and non-linear editing.

    The content should include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • demonstrating entry-level skills in telling stories and packaging them across platforms: multimedia, online, and broadcast;
    • demonstrating fundamental skills in broadcast design, organization/management skills, and use of technology for the successful production of journalistic media;
    • using writing strategies to craft various forms of journalistic writing, including news writing, feature writing, sports writing, and editorial writing expressing ideas with maturity and complexity appropriate to writer, audience, purpose, and context;
    • using fundamental research skills and networking formats;
    • demonstrating awareness of the history of journalism and changes in the responsible and ethical use of information; and
    • demonstrating awareness of the varied careers within the multiple formats of 21st-century journalism.