Prosper PTO Council

  • The PISD PTO Council is a forum in which representatives from the independent Parent-Teacher Organizations from each participating campus meet to discuss matters of common interest across schools.  The purpose of the Council is to provide a setting for cross-campus learning and sharing of best practices.  The Council has agreed on a common set of broad bylaws by which all PISD PTOs have agreed to operate.  These bylaws are a "good faith" expression of the intent of each PTO to act in the best interests of the students of PISD.

    The Council meets twice yearly to review common areas of interest district-wide, and meets with PISD administration twice yearly to align on matters affecting all campuses.  PTO Council members are responsible for sharing items of interest from these meetings with their individual campus PTOs.  PTO Council Officers are selected by Council members annually for the purpose of coordinating meetings and sharing information.


    Members of the 2017-2018 Prosper PTO Council

    Prosper PTO Council
    Baker Elementary School Kenyetta Pettaway
    Cockrell Elementary School Dacia Denison
      Stacy Ward (Council President)  
    Folsom Elementary School Lori Puckett (Council Secretary) folsom elementary
    Hughes Elementary School Angie Coleman
      Sunshine Kulhotlz  
    Light Farms Elementary School Noelle Schilling
    Rucker Elementary School Amy Limas
      Niki Moskau  
    Windsong Ranch Elementary School Melissa Winter
      Kristen Meier  
    Rogers Middle School Stephanie Hecke
      Adriana Holguin
    Reynolds Middle School Cindy Zebrowski
    Prosper High School Jennifer Bownds
      Tracey McCaffree