Safety and Security

  • Prosper ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. In an effort to accomplish this goal the district provides a comprehensive security program.

Visitor Guidelines

  • In Prosper, we are proud of our schools and welcome visitors. In order to protect the security of our students and staff and the learning environment at our schools, visitors must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • All visitors to campuses must report to the school office, present government issued photo ID, sign in, state reason for being on campus and obtain approval from the principal or designee
    • All visitors to school campuses shall wear a visitor name badge provided by the school office
    • Visitors who wish to disseminate information to students or staff must comply with district board policies.
    • Visitors may not recruit for fund-raising activities, religious groups, youth groups or political causes when visiting school campuses in accordance with this policy.
    • Clergy and other representatives of religious organizations (ministers, rabbis, imams, priests and the like) or youth group representatives may visit with their congregants and have lunch with them, but shall not use the visit to proselytize to others.
    • Media representatives shall arrange visits to school campuses with the District's Communications Department at the central Administration Building.
    • Visitors are must wear appropriate attire when visiting district schools. [Policy FNCA]
    • A request for a parent and/or others to visit a classroom must be approved by the teacher and the principal. Approval shall be subject to the classroom activities scheduled for the day of the requested visit and must be conducted in accordance with district policies.
    • Due to privacy issues, videotaping in the classroom by parents is not permitted. Exceptions shall be granted only by the superintendent or designee.
    • Visitor who fails to comply with any of these guidelines and/or district policies may be prohibited from visiting the school and other District Facilities


Security Procedures

  • Prosper ISD's comprehensive safety and security program includes:

    • Uniformed police officers who provide security and law enforcement services on secondary campuses and at athletic events, socials, proms, fund-raisers and other  District events as deemed necessary.
    • CCTV Camera systems in all schools help administrators monitor the interior and exterior of the building. The systems are also used on conjunction with the access control system, so District personnel can see persons requesting entrance into the building.
    • Access control systems are computer operated and allow personnel to make informed decisions related to admitting visitors.
    • All Prosper ISD campuses and facilities use the RAPTOR electronic visitor management system. The RAPTOR system, which requires the visitor to present a driver’s license or other acceptable form of government-issued identification, logs the visitor into the building and provides the visitor with a temporary, photo-identification badge to wear while in the building. The visitor management system also checks the visitor’s identification against a nationwide database of registered sex offenders.
    • Radio systems provide campus and district-wide communications with a special radio channel for the joint use of police, fire and district administrators during emergencies.
    • Criminal history background checks are required for applicants for employment, volunteers, mentors and contractors.
    • Each campus has a copy of the District’s Emergency Procedures Manual.
    • Each campus has an individual security plan.

Emergency Procedures

  • PISD has comprehensive emergency procedure plans in place. The Prosper ISD Department of Transportation and Security works closely with each campus and local public safety agencies to ensure proper plans are in place. 

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