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    Anime Club - 6th Grade

    Come for fellowship and to talk about your favorite  manga/anime characters.  
    Meeting Day: ​First Tuesdays of the Month
    Meeting Time: A Lunch
    Meeting Location: ​Room 1401
    Starting Date: ​10/8​/19
    ​Sponsor: Dr. Nuno


    Anime Team Club

    Open to all who love Anime and Manga!

    Meeting Day: ​Every Wednesday
    Meeting Time: ​3:30-4:00
    Meeting Location: ​Room 2416
    Starting Date: ​10/9​/19
    ​Sponsor: Mrs. Perkins


    BeyBlading Club

    Meeting Day: Every Thursday
    Meeting Time: 7:40-8:00
    Meeting Location: Room 1407
    Starting Date: October 28, 2019
    Sponsor: Mrs. Leland



    Bible Fellowship​

    Meeting Day: ​Second Friday of the Month
    Meeting Time: ​7:40-8:00
    Meeting Location: ​Room 1206
    Starting Date: ​9/13​/19
    ​Sponsor: Mrs. Soto


    The Bula Brigade

    Purpose: To bring a welcoming sense of community to students and parents as they arrive

    at school in the mornings or during transitions to lunches, classes, etc.

    Meeting Day & Time: 

    “Bula Brigade” will meet during the morning arrival times between 7:40am and 8:00am on the first day

    of the week (usually Monday; Tuesday on Holiday/No School Monday weeks) and at other times as needed 

    to create posters.

    Meeting Location: ​Room 1400
    Starting Date: ​Friday 10/11/19 A Lunch
    ​Sponsor: Mr. Shepherd & Mrs. Leland

    D & D Club 

    Club members will learn and play Dungeons & Dragons.

    Meeting Day: ​Every ​Monday

    Meeting Time: 3:30 - 4:00

    ​Meeting Location: ​Room 1403

    Starting Date: 9/16/19

    ​Sponsor: Mrs. Grinstead​

    Dance Like a Hawk

    This club is for anyone who loves to dance. We will practice a variety styles and techniques. This club will also help you prepare for drill team tryouts!
    Meeting Day: Every Other Wednesday
    Meeting Time: 3:30-4:15
    Meeting Location: Stage
    Starting Date: Oct. 25
    Sponsor: Ms. Hunt

    Debate Club

    Meeting Day: Every Thursday
    Meeting Time: 3:25-3:55
    Meeting Location: 1405
    Starting Date: 10/17
    Sponsor: Ms. Cordell


    Dessert Club

    Please note: You do not have to bring a dessert each week to be in the club. You just have to be interested in talking about and learning about different kinds of desserts. 
    Meeting Day: Every Thursday
    Meeting Time: 3:25-4:00
    Meeting Location: 2416
    Starting Date: 2/20
    Sponsor: Mrs. Perkins

    The Equal Only Club

    Everyone should feel equal and appreciated. You can make a difference.

    Meeting Day and Frequency: Fridays
    Meeting Time: 7:40 - 8:00
    Meeting Location: 1204
    Starting Date: 9/20/19
    Sponsor: Mrs. Turner


    Game Club

    Join us to play borard games and talk about video games.

    Meeting Day: Every Wednesday
    Meeting Time: 7:40 am - 8:00 am
    Meeting Location: 1204
    Starting Date: Wednesday, October 23rd
    Sponsor: Mrs. Turner


    Gamer Gang

    Learn the origins and strategies to various video games, how they are made, and the coding behind them.

    Meeting Day: Wednesdays

    Meeting Time: A Lunch
    Meeting Location: Rm 1400
    Starting Date: 10/23
    Sponsor: Mr. Shepherd


    HOSA - Future Health Professionals is a career and technology student organization recognized by the US Department of Education. HOSA provides a program of leadership development, motivation and recognition to attract career-minded, qualified students to health care professions. HOSA students develop essential knowledge and skills that prepare them to explore and pursue a career in health care.
    Mission Statement - The mission of HOSA is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration and experience.
    Meeting Day: Every Thursday 
    Meeting Time:  3:30-4:15
    Meeting Location: Mrs. Salinas' Classroom (2215)
    Starting Date: 10/10/19
    Sponsor: Mrs. Salinas


    Lego Masters

    Meeting Day: The First Tuesday of Every Month
    Meeting Time: 3:30 to 4:00
    Meeting Location: Room 1414 
    Starting Date: October 1
    Sponsor: Mrs Hartwell 

    Minecraft Club

    Meeting Day: Fridays
    Meeting Time: 3:30 to 4:00
    Meeting Location: Room 1221 
    Starting Date: December 6
    Sponsor: Mr. Pranglel 

    Pokemon Club

    Meeting Day: Tuesdays

    Time: 3:30 - 4:00

    Meeting Location: Library

    Starting Date: Tuesday, Dec. 17

    Sponsor: Ms. Jones


    Princess Project

    Meeting Day: Tuesdays

    Time: 3:30 - 4:15

    Meeting Location: Counselor's office

    Starting Date: Tuesday, Dec. 3

    Sponsor: Ms. Edmundson

    This club will be putting journals together for girls ages 5-14 in Sierra Leone, Africa. These journals will be made by hand and filled with positive quotes and pictures and some writing activities that will inspire hope and inspiration to the girls in this organization in Africa. The first batch of journals will be delivered to the girls’ school in January. 


    Recyling Club

    Meeting Day: Mondays
    Meeting Time: 3:25-4:00
    Meeting Location: 1226
    Starting Date: TBD
    Sponsor: Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Guerrero, & Mrs. Salinas


    Spec Zoo Club

    Meeting Day: 
    Meeting Time: 
    Meeting Location: 
    Starting Date: 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Albritton


    Yu-Gi-Oh! Club

    Meeting Day: Every Thursday 
    Meeting Time: 3:25-4:00
    Meeting Location: 1418
    Starting Date: 9/26/19
    Sponsor: Mrs. Guerrero